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Everything Steam

Not Yet Cracked
  • metalreflectslime : The Beta Access is terrible.
  • No NFO yet

Warhammer 40000 Dawn of War III Denuvo

Not Yet Cracked
  • metalreflectslime : This was not here before.
  • pessoadoalem : kkk jogo lixo do caralho, prefiro assistir porno kkk
  • Eun : fucked
  • 2Dark-CPY
    Apr 13, 2017 CPY 478 MB


2dark Denuvo

CRACKED after 34 days!
  • SpitFire : studios should stop using denovo, it's a waste of money
  • metalreflectslime : It is DRM-free on GOG, so no crack is needed. Just install and play.
  • ryanj84 : it's not denuvo, it's GoG so it will be cracked pretty much on release :)
  • mickeymushi2609 : CPY If u can't crack Nier: Automata, Just crack this one.. Thanks in advance
  • SpitFire : pewdiepie just played it how is it still not released yet?
  • SpitFire : well denouvo doesn't mean shit now xD
  • ondrejmarsalek : Hello. It is denouvo but also cracked and more likely. Thanks
  • Outlast.2-CODEX
    Apr 25, 2017 CODEX 22061 MB

  • Outlast.2-CODEX
    Apr 25, 2017 CODEX 22061 MB


Outlast II Steam

CRACKED after 0 day!
  • metalreflectslime : Previous titles by the same publisher / developer contained Denuvo, so this game will also use Denuvo.
  • silot leprido : I want this game
  • fadeldel : is it denuvo? cause i don't see any article said that
  • No NFO yet

Tekken 7 Denuvo

Not Yet Released
  • Luke : mn
  • Luke : op
  • Luke : kl
  • Luke : ij
  • 10101010 : gh
  • No NFO yet

Blackwake Steam

Not Yet Released
  • ondrejmarsalek : Hello. Unfortunately, denouncing Syberia 3 was denied due to unauthorized denouvo and a lot of pirates, and the servers probably have to break up the cups or weeks of several broken protected games and you should not have thought and caution to protect the game at better denuvo. Thanks
  • Shur1k3n : This shit already cracked??? What happen to Sniper Elite 4, NieR and other great games???
  • Eeia95 : Planet Coaster and Sims 4 Vampires Toddlers Bowling next, please.
  • metalreflectslime : Day 3 crack.
  • RiseFox : emmm, cracked by SomeRandomAntiDenuvoGuy)
  • yashwanth : it's already cracked
  • xSamBx : This crack does not work perfectly, but at least the game runs.
  • fadeldel : SomeRandonAntiDenuvoGuy already cracked this game, confirmed on crackwatch reddit
  • Gigio : Syberia 3 have denuvo
  • Cionide : haha yeah ikr lol, she better be fit
  • mickeymushi2609 : She looks like Lara Croft in this poster
  • Syberia.3.Digital.Deluxe.Edition.MULTi11-ShadowEagle
    Apr 23, 2017 ShadowEagle 20378 MB

  • Syberia.3.Digital.Deluxe.Edition.MULTi2-x.X.RIDDICK.X.x
    Apr 23, 2017 x.X.RIDDICK.X.x 21000 MB


Syberia 3 Denuvo

CRACKED after 2 days!
  • Luke : yep, thats right
  • ayylienboi : luke hasn't played the game obviously ;)
  • Luke : cchiu23 1. you just argued with yourself for pointing out the 4 million dollar raise that i "ignored" from which you wanted to argue with me that the game is good and not bad as i said, because another meaning in saying this randomly i can't see, and then saying it has nothing to do with the quality of a game. 2. what part of "i know it hasn't drm, recently discovered that" don't you understand? why would i need glasses? who is the "retard" here? Zeit yeah, bad is just my personal opinion because i don't like it, just like a usual opinion when a human doesn't like a certain thing. and its also usual to be against me
  • Zeit : my only issue with you argument, Luke, is you calling this game BAD for no apparent reason but it being listed here. Otherwise I've no problem with people not liking it. XD
  • cchiu23 : and again, this game isn't cracked by anybody so you're still retarded and you need glasses
  • cchiu23 : jesus christ are you 5? i'm pointing out that it was popular enough to raise 4 million dollar, it has nothing to do about whether the game is good or not
  • Luke : funds don't determine if a game is good or bad. you can fund a game with how much you want, maybe the company that makes it is not so talented or simply fucks up. thats from our point of perspective, for people that don't like it. or maybe they succeed, thats from your point of perspective and everyone else that likes this type of gameplay. i know it hasn't drm, recently discovered that, its just the idea that i wanted hitman really bad and activated cracked it only for linux and then i saw this game is cracked by them. they should have finished their job but doesn't matter
  • cchiu23 : also, this game doesn't have any DRM so literally nobody cracked anything, luke you are retarded
  • cchiu23 : I like how Luke blatantly ignored the fact that it raised 4 million
  • Luke : of course its a well done product for people that like it. for others its another usual uninteresting and avoidable game
  • Luke : how can you deduce my age out of the games i like? it is actually not really popular, its a fact, compared to other titles.
  • Zeit : I'm happy they cracked this, because I'm sure people will end up buying legitemely, giving the developers their dserving due for a very well done product.
  • Zeit : Also, this kind of games are actually experiencing a resurgence, with good titles being released and developed each year.
  • Zeit : For thinking this game is not popular or deserving attention you sure lack understanding of the gaming scene. It is true that kids do not play these kind of games that much today, but thousands of adults do. And they too could make use of cracks to play their favourite games.
  • Luke : I call it a shit game because me and the majority of people dont like it. Just how you would think hitman is shit because thats right, you chose this over it.
  • Lenwax : Oh my god, there wasn't even DRM protection. What these hype is all about? It didn't take much time. And I would prefer this game to your hitman, I liked it enough to buy it at the day of release. Don't call shit stuff you know nothing about.
  • Cenncroithi : Thank God they cracked this! I was waiting this game to be released by months!
  • Luke : with hitman*
  • Luke : it doesn't matter anymore with cause cpy did its shit, but you got the idea
  • Luke : i dunno man that game wasn't even released in our century ROFL. no one wants to play games that aren't in our century anymore even if they were great at their time. it was an original game back then and something new of course people liked it. now its gone dude, everyone changed their taste, new amazing games come out every year. its been 17 years. it was great at its time true but everyone is searching for newly released games with great reviews and scores. just because this game is simiar to a game from the last century that was great that doesnt mean people want to play it. as i said earlier everything changed. you can ask anyone anywhere if they would prefer this over that new game that they really like. in my case and in tens of thousands we would have prefered activated to finish hitman instead of this
  • cchiu23 : it was popular enough to raise 4 million when its goal was 900,000
  • cchiu23 :
  • cchiu23 : @luke that is not true at all, look at any top 100 games of all time lists and planescape:Torment (this game is basically the spiritual successor) is always atleast on the top 20
  • Luke : i didn't said that it needs to be a AAA game. i said crack crews should crack games that are requested by a big enough amount of people. not all requested games are overhyped. i bet almost no one heard of this game. its better for them to crack requested games as it satisfies most of the people and it increases the respective crew's reputation. i don't see any reason a crew should start cracking the unpopular games as its really unbeneficial for everyone
  • ivan : Luke I am sorry but I am going to have to disagree with you. Just because a game is not a AAA overhyped title doesn't mean it's "shit game". That said, this game is not bad. Not all indie titles are "shit" because they aren't made by EA or Ubisoft
  • Luke : 155 people added this to their board. Even tales of berseria which is... had more
  • Luke : Come on activated instead of finishing cracking hitman you do this? I cannot understand why a cracking crew does this. Why crack shit games no one plays when you can take more time and crack the big ones everyone plays? Is there a hidden benefit you get for doing this shit? Why would you do that
  • LokeshSharma : What the hell man. Now you are showing every game here. This shit doesn't deserve to be here.
  • Torment.Tides.of.Numenera.Update.v1.0.2-BAT
    Mar 29, 2017 BAT 448 MB

  • Torment.Tides.of.Numenera.DLC.Unlocker-BAT
    Mar 01, 2017 BAT 1 RAR

  • Torment.Tides.of.Numenera.Linux-ACTiVATED
    Feb 28, 2017 ACTiVATED 3685 MB

  • Torment.Tides.of.Numenera.MacOSX-ACTiVATED
    Feb 28, 2017 ACTiVATED 3688 MB

  • Torment.Tides.of.Numenera-RELOADED
    Feb 28, 2017 RELOADED 4876 MB


Torment: Tides of Numenera Steam

CRACKED after 0 day!
  • DemonMithos : coop works with tungle
  • Bucket : Has anyone tried to set up the co op?
  • harshpatel97000 : Cracked!!!!!
  • Styx.Shards.of.Darkness.Update.v20170418-CODEX
    Apr 21, 2017 CODEX 24 MB

  • Styx.Shards.of.Darkness.Update.v20170405-CODEX
    Apr 06, 2017 CODEX 25 MB

  • Styx.Shards.of.Darkness-CODEX
    Mar 14, 2017 CODEX 10507 MB


Styx Shards Of Darkness Steam

CRACKED after 0 day!
  • rubenxinternet : I JUST WANT TO KNOW THE PROGRESS T.T
  • DoriXD : Everyone's waiting for the crack ;...;
  • Walkyst : CPY pls
  • crystalline00 : please crack this game!!!, i very like this game, i waiting for this
  • usk20 : Why they dont crack this game?
  • touchy : pleaseeeeee neeed the crack
  • gigabytegaming : i
  • rubenxinternet : where can I see more information about the crack status? is it possible?
  • rubenxinternet : so long
  • inb4memes : I bought this, im happy that I dont need to open this site every hour anymore^^
  • Andrescavalera : Crack this shit now!! OmG
  • Luke : i shall request you to join me in path to glory and flame this site together
  • Luke : rofl
  • Ogard : i love you luke. I love flame so i love people like you who bring it....
  • Almyt : @Luke lol , shut the fuck up boi
  • Luke : congratulations
  • Luke : and right now you made the majority of people on crackwatch dumb
  • Ogard : :(
  • Realsupersaiyan : This guy is so dumb. Like he actually thinks that CPY will be here reading the comments on this
  • firesynth : @Simons before
  • Simons : Was 2dark cracked before or after denuvo was removed? I would like to know if there has already been a success in cracking version 4 of denuvo
  • fadeldel : be patience guys, lets hope CPY prioritize for cracking this games, all hail CPY
  • adrianity : @Luke if you hated this game, why are u here in the first place?
  • Dorbek : I'm sure you're trolling W35l3y, but in case you are not, show us some evidence!
  • Luke : or japanese sorry, if that was what you were going to say
  • Luke : @Realsupersayan sorry, final fantasy-ish chienese-ish crap*
  • Luke :
  • ArturoDuro : It's ok to wait for the crack...Don't be mad about it. If you don't like to wait just buy the game
  • deividcm2 : Crack, please T_T
  • Uleutz : It will be cracked soon, just be patient
  • Realsupersaiyan : This guy said "Anime Crap". FYI, this isn't even an anime at all. So ignorant
  • MrChris : yes
  • jojomaru : is it possible that they wont crack this game at all?
  • Luke : please cpy dont crack this anime crap
  • firesynth : Pls crack this game after the DLCs are released
  • vincent_smith1 : is CPY crack real?
  • jojomaru : Simons the only site where you can find information about the crack status is this one. But i dont know where CPY uploads the cracks.
  • Simons : But the crack in that site are dealt first? That is, because from what I understand CPY does not have a website, so, in what site put the files on internet? And where you can find information regarding updates on crack?
  • jojomaru : Hello! I have just seen a DLC of Nier Automata gameplay video in YouTube. So this must mean good news. We'll see!
  • Nabaat : I believe they were waiting for the DLC, and that it will be quickly cracked
  • Nabaat : There is no crack for the game yet, it's all fake
  • overspin99 : Is CPY crack on yet? I see one but i assume it's fake
  • Ogard : now it's too late for buy it, or it will be crack or i will never play it
  • zensirr : well apparently cpy does not have a website, so its probably fake
  • samshark : I tried it doesn't work (at least with skidrow version)
  • Manyss : probably is fake, just wait
  • jojomaru : guys ive seen in cpy site a download link for crack is it fake?
  • GiePie : *still waiting to get cracked*
  • Flevente : but in the same post she SHE have a list named "NOT upcomming repacks" and nier:automata is there....
  • Flevente : maybe
  • Firespitter : how long does it usually take from this point if it is coming soon?
  • Uleutz : I'm not lying lol, its possible, since CPY already cracked 2Dark which uses v4 of denuvo. Maybe Fitgirl already compressed the files and its just waiting for the crack to be released in the next days or week
  • MrChris : lol, youre right. Nice trick ^^
  • Uleutz : - I - - - - - - O - - - - - - - => nIer:autOmataCPY
  • Uleutz : Check Fitgirl's next surprise repack, it says - I - - - - - - O - - - - - - -"
  • Ogard : ULEUTZ, how can you say that?
  • Uleutz : Crack possibly incoming
  • MrChris : I need this so hard, CPY i believe in you!
  • Ogard : lasciate ogni speranza
  • Ogard : it will never be crack! NEVVAH
  • kiosklim : @jpsn you can take this link to buy that,it works for me ;)
  • jpsn : I actually want to buy this game, but being the the SEA region, it sucks
  • jpsn : I actually want to buy this, but being in the SEA region, it sucks.
  • yaseenmust : I saw it cracked on Pirate Bay
  • keqkek : link got deleted but i saw it on a webiste but not sure if its real or not
  • keqkek : read comments
  • keqkek : i dont know if this is real but if yes then it will be released on 14/4
  • jaychew90 : its now either crack or SEA release comes first!
  • gigabytegaming : cmon
  • Makoto : Thanks for the reply Irisena. Though Skidrow has earned my trust I had never gotten to work with CPY... So yeah, good thing I decided not to get it just yet. But is it true that Denuvo got updated or so recently?
  • Draganno : It's gonna be cracked this friday. Im calling it!
  • crackwatcher : When is this game gonna be cracked!!!!!
  • Irisena : just trust this site. if other site said it's cracked when it's still not cracked yet on crackwatch, you can assume it's fake
  • Makoto : So, did CPY really did it, or are ppl just spamming it on the website for downloads?
  • AdeliciaGate : Crack or SEA release...whichever comes first I guess :P
  • JigokuChou : Im cosplaying A2 this month but I need to know about the game, pls crack ittt ;-;
  • Jolaru21 : pls cpy, this game is awesome , i rly need to play this asap
  • Casuz : CPY hear our prayer plz
  • xxepicpanda1xx : Crack please
  • mickeymushi2609 : CPY we are begging please crack this first :'(
  • nero : cpy plz crack this game plzzzzzz
  • Outward : yes i said weebs even if it's the wrong word it still applies to those who take Fictional girls like real people so who gives a shit what it means actually
  • Outward : i'm interested in this game but the fact that you know somewhere around the world there is some weebs masterbuating like cows to this game is saddening ...
  • AniGamer420 : still not cracked 05/04/2017 )))
  • Uleutz : Nier you're next! lets go CPY
  • piratebay112 : i want this game more then mass effect
  • koji : fuck american games a want to play nier
  • Ziprunner777 : :'(
  • skrowl : @staycool : I think u've missed the point.. Nevertheless im still waiting for nier, heard its a great game.
  • staycool : that's right skrowl, download andromeda, maybe we can bring you to the non weeb side yet
  • eaa619 : crack this please
  • kiosklim : Yea if this game got cracked, it would be GREAT GREAT NEWS TO SEA USER LIKE ME..MUAHAHA!
  • Brajan Lazaj : Andromade got cracked in such a short notice. It would be nice for this game to be cracked just as fast
  • skrowl : @staycool : How i feel ?! *Downloading Andromeda* !! Quite excited really Lol
  • pedroxin : you weebs should all drink bleach
  • staycool : hey skrowl, how do you feel today my weeb friend? :)
  • matanler123 : now that mass effect is cracked i hope the next is nier or dishonoroed you are awesome cpy!!!
  • usk20 : i just want to play :(
  • usk20 : :(
  • Bijmix : Why am i checking this website 3 times a day ? T.T
  • Uleutz : better forget about this game
  • Ogard : We need the crack NOW!
  • wal1522 : :(
  • metalreflectslime : Cool game.
  • eaa619 : wow , please crack it
  • red1 : can't wait for this! thanks to everyone who's trying to crack it!
  • Devil Ninja7x : well... its a denuvo, probably we will not have even nier and andromeda soon. im almost buying those things.
  • Rakshith : There's absolutely no way cpy's gonna crack andromeda anytime soon.
  • skrowl : @staycool don't be sad, its okay to be entitled little inbred :)
  • staycool : stop projecting your personal experience kiddo
  • skrowl : @staycool : possibly the result of too much inbreeding....
  • skrowl : @staycool depends on the amount of brain that can be found inside the head of the person im talking to, Currently detecting no brain.......
  • staycool : this weeb can use mom and dad insults, it must be of the teen variety
  • skrowl : @staycool is that what ur dad said when making u with ur grandma ?
  • staycool : i'm afraid it was what your waifu said to the postman son
  • skrowl : @staycool exactly what ur mom said on top of me....
  • staycool : so angry this weeb below me
  • skrowl : @staycool go away inbred.... u don't tell people what to do.
  • staycool : go away weaboos, mass effect first
  • Nogardaul : im just hoping for cpy to prioritize this one
  • Rakshith : This must be prioritized by CPY.
  • mofawudi125 : BTW!!!
  • mofawudi125 : BTE, come one CPY!
  • mofawudi125 : @Devil Ninja7x no one cares about this one?? then why do you comment here?
  • cibihino : xoxo
  • Irisena : you mean that joke of a game with a lot of bugs and shrek-quality animation? man, you got a poor taste you know?
  • Devil Ninja7x : no one cares about this one... prioritize mass effect andromeda
  • red1 : :(
  • whiplash : OFC !!!!!! they should anyway
  • Casuz : i HOPE cpy prioritize cracked this game
  • LexiPoo : @whiplash with you bro. I couldn't wait
  • whiplash : AHh fuck it i lost patience !!!!!!!! I bought the Game God damn It !!!!!
  • staycool : talks about IQ doesn't even know how to use it properly, job well done
  • Rycon2424 : Hyped
  • Realsupersaiyan : IQ* Score is -20 Sorry
  • Realsupersaiyan : This Dude said "Weeaboos". Not many people here probably even watch any anime at all, so just end your life as your EQ is close to 0
  • staycool : fucking weaboos
  • sin2635 : Crack this pleasE!!'
  • Rycon2424 : Can't wait man game looks bitchin
  • broknhandl : Welcome to the NieR: Automata comment section where you will find people who don't know their place as a leecher and act like ass. Enjoy!
  • LexiPoo : faaaahk I went and bought the game... my guess is their working on ME first anyway. if this gets cracked tomorrow FML
  • rotom129 : you mongoloids had better crack this shit
  • iLemoncio : CPY HELP US!!
  • Ammeton : Crack GOTY CPY :D
  • Kurohadone : WE WANT THAT GAME!
  • filthydani : crack this fucking shit game already niggers
  • FearRX : oh god pls
  • Semanari : It'll happen sooner or later, beggars can't be choosers; I really can't complain about the wait
  • zensirr : fucking hell
  • naamloos : oh boi we need it
  • Nalsur : if he helps me get this game!
  • Nalsur : i'll love cpy
  • LexiPoo : feels like time froze even this comment section....
  • whiplash : 2X crack it
  • DeLongeh : i've seen that page too, it's not for real
  • GeneralSpacey : wait my bad. CPY didnt crack it.
  • GeneralSpacey : CPY cracked it
  • matanler123 : no way its legit man
  • Rainy Fox : One site called cpygames claims to have cracked it. Not sure if it's legit.
  • DeLongeh : I need this in my life
  • ritalin : RE7 was 32bit. so it was easily done. that's why.
  • Kierujin : CPY Senpai we need you!!
  • mickeymushi2609 : CPY PLEASE :'(
  • ShadowMSL : :(
  • DeadMerchant : NEED THIS NOW
  • Marshellbruce : CPY!!!!!
  • Jerry059 : i hope it gets cracked soon
  • ShinobuVamp : Please PRIORITIZE NieR: Automata !!!
  • matanler123 : so there is like different versions of denuvo protections
  • metalreflectslime : @matanler123: Different PC games have different RNG Denuvo codes that affect cracking difficulty.
  • matanler123 : can someone explain to me how resident evil 7 got cracked after a week and all other games take longer cause resident evil also has denuvo protection
  • piratebay112 : crack it fam!!
  • ShadowWordPain : I really want to test it b4 i buy it ._.
  • ashkentou : i hope it will crack soon like rE7
  • Sh4d0wM3 : just take your time. PC version is buggy and need some patches.
  • jonni_2 : nier is protected by denuvo... end my life
  • catfrog : waiting for this game :D
  • hartless : this game is using revamped denuvo...might take some time so be patient ffs
  • Irisena : this game is a fucking disrespect to everyone in SEA region plus it have denuvo to top it off. please crack this.
  • AleLArciere27 : any news about when will it be cracked? I hope very soon :D
  • Irisena : Asap pls
  • mickeymushi2609 : Would be great if they can crack this too for about 6 days only , just like what they did in RE7 <3 CPY!!
  • lipsofmadangel : CPY GOOOOOOOOOOO
  • Hexia : Amazing game waiting for its release and crack
  • LokeshSharma : Yeah this game is worth cracking. It'll be released on 17th march 2017
  • Rakshith : I want this game cracked soon
  • broknhandl : HYPE
  • CCrown : PLS CRACK D:
  • TheButcher : CPY
  • mickeymushi2609 : CPY!!
  • hartless : its not released yet fam
  • bdaniel18 : crack it fam
  • No NFO yet

Nier Automata Denuvo

Not Yet Cracked
  • Pear : Glad I waited for the crack. This game isn't worth any money :/
  • Irisena : yes. it's good.
  • Soham : is this game good?
  • Killy69 : this game is probably better than dishonored
  • kevyox : this game is not shit i lve this licence cause i buy this game in ps4 cause i am fan now crack other game not good licences :D
  • pessoadoalem : wtf this game is shit lul
  • Fran889 : Thank you so much! Nice work :'D
  • mark300 : What a stupid game.what is wrong with CPY,crack DISHONORED 2 plsssssssssssssssssssssssss.
  • mistermonochrome : oh come on who plays dishonored. I better off playing no man sky
  • adrianity : omg thanks so much!!! been waiting for this for almost 2 weeks!
  • kingxicefire : thank you
  • mrghcrackeater : come on who plays this one ?? we want dishonored 2.please
  • marc_pogi3 : please do dishonored 2 :(
  • greyfeather_tx : Can't find the crack anywhere
  • imiguelme : Love CPY JUST LOVE IT
  • Thenumber : how do I download the crack?
  • ImadeWolf : this game is cracked
  • Eun : cracked - 2/16/2017
  • pandavova : <3
  • isantafan : Please crack berseria :(:(:(:(:(
  • Thenumber : Why's it taking so long for this game to get cracked? Not complaining. just curious
  • Suvaivor : Please Crack this game. I need to play it T.T
  • hartless : i will wait patiently for the crack. thank you in advance, cpy
  • imiguelme : want to play this game so bad
  • kingxicefire : please crack this game,thanks
  • isantafan : Please crack the best tales series game!!
  • Fran889 : Looks like cpy isn't working on it. If they worked on this game, they prob finished in 1 day, because they had to fix a security issue then of the first patch, so I think that the first patch of the game is just shit on security
  • BrLeoGamer : Omg i'm dying here i can't wait more !!!!!
  • Fran889 : I can't wait for playing it, but it has denuvo. I consider denuvo as just a fucking disrespect to the people who buy the game, so I'm not going to buy it. I will wait til' it gets cracked. Please, crack that game. Thank you :P.
  • aronlws : cant wait to play for this game,please
  • zTsuYa : Really ? Omfg, i can't wait
  • runehasa : Awaiting very patiently for this. Love Tales games and would happilly buy if not for all the DLC that comes at extra cost. Please crack with DLC <3
  • ayyyy : Please focus on this one :)
  • Mynds3x : Can't wait! Thank you for working on this!
  • bLuefang101 : ASAP thanks.
  • Azulica : One of the best :)
  • mickeymushi2609 : CPY!!
  • imiguelme : I really want to see this game cracked
  • Irisena : need crack ASAP
  • Zekrom : please crack!
  • hartless : i shall wait patiently
  • Ryudhal : This game is AMAZING! Please crack!
  • Tales.Of.Berseria-CPY
    Feb 17, 2017 CPY 13200 MB


Tales of Berseria Denuvo

CRACKED after 21 days!
  • YouLose 66 : no release, maybe the release will come near 2018 since last news.#1
  • Hanzyusuf : make the cracker (CPY) fall in love with this game....* XD
  • Hanzyusuf : plz cupid me....make the developer fall in love with this game :)
  • Ridz : plz
  • No NFO yet

South Park: The Fractured But Whole Denuvo

Not Yet Released
  • crackwatch : Just click the heart again ^^
  • BeaverInABlender : Accidentally added this to My Board and now I can't figure out how to get rid of it, boo.
  • Spiderous : This game is NOT protected by Denuvo, it's just SteamDRM
  • DVPeer : wrong crack info
  • Furi.Update.v1.4.81.incl.DLC-CODEX
    Mar 15, 2017 CODEX 924 MB

  • Furi.Update.v1.2.58-CODEX
    Sep 25, 2016 CODEX 850 MB

  • Furi-CODEX
    Jul 05, 2016 CODEX 1853 MB


Furi Steam

CRACKED after 0 day!
  • EllisBRedding : whoop
  • Spiderous : This game is NOT protected by Denuvo, it's just SteamDRM
  • want_reloaded_crack_denuvo : does this has denuvo?
  • The.Turing.Test-CODEX
    Aug 30, 2016 CODEX 5263 MB


The Turing Test Steam

CRACKED after 0 day!
  • LokeshSharma : Another Saints Row. We'll see how is this gonna be.
  • No NFO yet

Agents Of Mayhem Denuvo

Not Yet Released
  • adrianity : this game is crap, don't waste your time.
  • CrazyMalk : Dude, this game wasn't even released yet. Wait.
  • Muchar : plz release the crack for this game urgently
  • No NFO yet

Metal Gear Survive Denuvo

Not Yet Released
  • Lucky_Luke102 : not that i know of, nipun said something about it being cracked within april but he didnt gave us a sourse and as its already the 27th of april i dont think it will be cracked in april
  • surpiush : Have an estimated date for the crack?
  • XABIER3000 : Please :(
  • Lucky_Luke102 : come on, so many newer games are getting cracked so plz crack this game as well
  • hamani : when it'll be released
  • MetallicS : :(
  • DemonMithos : source nipun?
  • nipun : will be cracked within april.
  • DemonMithos : any progress or given up?
  • RoHDiLe : DROP THAT !
  • Rangerops : Crack PLEASE!
  • Faysal2.0 : boring AF
  • Faysal2.0 : me and my friends bought this we play it
  • nero : cpy you must crack thiiiiiiis game
  • nero : plz crack
  • Brossaard : OMG I am so impatient !
  • amir8638 : i love cpy please a crack
  • fhv71 : tpage938 CPY doesn't have a site, if you've found one, it's fake
  • Nerdy Anarchist : Funny stuff ppl. Games all eventually get cracked, worst is Ubisoft due to their lil Club.
  • tpage938 : Noted.
  • matanler123 : dont download it man its fake
  • tpage938 : According to CPY website it's cracked
  • eldryc66 : Fuck.
  • kofplayerking : crack please, i´m so excited :3
  • VoidCatt : i have the game but i still want you guys to have it ! CPY !!!
  • broknhandl : @GMoOoHi source?
  • M4to : half april :O ? tell me that this is joke pls
  • GMoOoHI : crack will be available in half of april
  • Faysal2.0 : do not buy this
  • M4to : How long take to crack ?
  • broknhandl : I wonder how long will this take to get cracked?
  • ricky : i tried the beta and worth of wait
  • robert : 7 03.2017 release date?
  • Nanashi : i really hope it release fast
  • CrazyMalk : People can't understand that cracking denuvo games is hard, and there are a lot of games that use it.
  • Phr34kz : Yeah it needs weed :P
  • Soham : Does beta version need any crack or cain i just download and play the beta version?
  • Eun : omg please drop everything and get this down
  • No NFO yet

Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon: Wildlands Denuvo

Not Yet Cracked
  • albandk : Is anyone else having a black screen in windowed mode when they launch the exe ?
  • Bloodscream : @kane_one you clearly care since you came to a fokken crackwatch to bitch about it.
  • kane_one : i'll tell you why, its because this is the internet and people talk shit because they're miserable on the inside. The truth is the game has way too many issues for a AAA release, but by god the 60 hours I've spent were 95% amazing. Everything in the game is almost perfect, except for of course all teh bugs. If you wanna be on the bandwagon of hate, go right ahead, but no one cares.~
  • Brajan Lazaj : Honestly i dont understand why some people don't like this game. This game is addictive. Sure it has animation problems but other then its really good. Have done 50 hours of gameplay and and dont fill bkred from it at all.
  • KIKEGASSER1488 : he he game was garbage not worth buying.
  • ggez69tbaglul : @alex the new updates ARE using latest denuvo, so looks like you're stuck with it whether you like it or not :P I gotta say the eyes- 100 percent better.
  • alexmercenary872 : @ggez69 im pretty happy with current state of the game that is 1.0.4
  • alexmercenary872 : @bloodscream you should not be here at first place
  • ggez69tbaglul : honestly i just bought the game lol. yall should too, new patch fixes so many problems already and more to come :)
  • Bloodscream : @alexmercenary872 noone gives a flying fuck about all of that in an RPG. Baldur's gate, Neverwinter nights, Dragon Age Origins, Pillars of Eternity, ME1, Divinity series, Vampire the Masquerade and many others had none of that and they were great. I'm so glad I didn't buy andromeda - it's not worth the money. Boring and empty.
  • alexmercenary872 : the game is massive, environment of planets are breathtaking, visual effects and beautiful
  • matanler123 : that is your opinion. the game more works like an early access
  • ismah : who cares about the path. The games works well
  • hellknight : Its sure new patch 1.05 use new denuvo . new patch change .exe this game
  • tomashudson01 : Using **
  • tomashudson01 : Is the update gonna be suing the new denuvo? @hellknight
  • SamoRDSA : Thanks CPY you are a great team keep up the work and FUCK DENUVO
  • hellknight : this patch 1.05 new denuvo is need broken for use
  • xfrenkx : Any news about 1.0.5 patch?
  • alexmercenary872 : yes its working guys, go to skidrowgamesreloaded and find andromeda, go in comments sections download patch 1.0.04
  • omegasama : how to download guys ?
  • hellknight : How download new patch?
  • omegasama : how to download
  • Nisheshg5 : @kylo What's the website?
  • Nisheshg5 : @alexmercenary872 did it work?
  • fevereiro89 : me neither
  • sachin1995 : have any of you had a no sound issue? im not able to get any sound from the game
  • kylo : THE ALI123 UPDATE WORKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HELL FUCKGIN.. YEAH
  • kylo : currently downloading the update. hope it's not fake, i'm risking my laptop here... i'll come back here if it works
  • alexmercenary872 : for those who have 3DM version and want to upgrade it, go to "skidrowgamesreloaded" site find andromeda there and go in comments sections, there you will find torrent link to patch 1.04. the size is 1.57GB. (im still downloading it so i dont know if it works or not but author posted it)
  • alexmercenary872 : how to update 3dm release ?
  • Patba : What about Dishonored 2, maan :C
  • Satan : doesnt work with 3dm release
  • Satan : wahaha cracked after 14 days? GJ DENUVO
  • Irisena : @Ruba: You said it pal.
  • Ruba : this game is shit
  • PequenaBR : Please, update crack mass effect andromeda v 1.05 :D
  • Aveyond54 : But what about Dishonored 2?
  • BarrelRoll : THe real MVP M8 ty
  • eLoquenZ : bois finally ty CPY
  • obdc : where can i dowload crack and iso guys? ty
  • madnox : please anyone help us finding the 3dm update
  • Rachev : im wandering if anyone else has the same problem as me.I saw a person that wants to change it in polish but from what i understand he has english.So am i the only one whose game isnt in enlish.
  • STKBraT : Registry* .... my download still in 56,4% so i don't know yet.
  • STKBraT : i hope we don't need to go to the Register to change the game location
  • Rachev : yes i saw it...but it didnt work..i tryed typing us_EN and en_EN but without effect.I havent tryed uk_EN but i doubt it will work.
  • STKBraT : There's a file named CPY, I think you can change your language there
  • Rachev : mine problem is that the menu and everything else except voices arent in english.I can choose between spanish,french,german,russian and italian but not english.Can someone tell me if i have to change something in the files or anything to make it in enlish.
  • kylo : guys.. where do i find the 3dm update??? PLEASE!!!!
  • xaintyz : Does some1 know how to change language to other than english (besides ingame settings, because there is no my mother language). When I'm looking at game files there is my mother language, im writing in CPY.ini pl_PL but it's not changing. Any ideas?
  • Anupo : yeah thanks CPY...
  • darxangel : TOLD YOU SO ASSHOLES...
  • ZeIceColdJasko : now all i need is dishonored 2 and my life will be complete
  • madnox : Yea, where we can find this 3dm update guys?
  • Bijmix : IT'S HAPPENING
  • JasonDracul : staycool noob question: so where we can find this update? (3dm) thank you :)
  • RoHDiLe : Yes ! Road to Ghost Recon Widlands plz CPY ?
  • staycool : for all of you who have a 3dm release you need to update it and the crack will work
  • drogina1 : kings :) awesome
  • lightyagami : GUYS PLEASE SEED IT.
  • davidutud123 : CODEX AND CPY RULLZ BOYS !
  • alexmercenary872 : crack not working with 3DM release
  • Irisena : oh wow, I guess the hype didn't went down even though the actual released game is so horrendous.
  • damianr37 : actually CODEX who did the deed... but still! well done!
  • damianr37 : OH MY GOD! i thought the crack scene was struggling last year.. and i had my doubts about the successes of cracking denuvo but really!? this year has been phenomenal so far. these people are working so hard to give us what we want! well done CPY
  • p3ah : yo, where can i download the game
  • Shi Xuan : Another record breaking 2 weeks to crack denuvo
  • jperullas : Damn, there's a huge disparity between leechers and seeders. At this rate, the game will take at least a week to download. FFS.
  • alexmercenary872 : OMG GAME IS CRACKED
  • Kotei : oy
  • pedroxin : I woke up with the sound of my pone's Email notification.
  • bronkos : Where can I download full game crack ?
  • KIKEGASSER1488 : 8.4% Downloaded I will seed forever he he he.
  • valamelkor : Thanks to CPY guys! Awesome, just awesome
  • Yoshihito : Not enough seeders. Game will take days to download at its current rate. :(
  • moonacre : about fuckin time lol
  • underoaths : Don't be greedy! once you download seed! :)
  • LV_31_WIZARD : once again you dudes knocked it out
  • Orichalque : wow, 14 days for a denuvo ! You guys are amazing ! Congratulations !
  • stormfury : FUCK YOU NAYSAYERS, ALL HAIL CPY! love you guys, thanks for the hard work. Also gtfo from crack community toxic fucks.
  • PdT321 : help our fight against SWJ, feminists, racist and jew world order by seeding this game!!
  • Yoshihito : This is up on Skidrow Reloaded guys! We need more seeds!
  • mrghcrackeater : the only thing I really don't know is that if this game is that buggy , why do you guys like it so much ??
  • mrghcrackeater : does this game use the new version of denuvo ??
  • weazle : how do i download the crack?
  • staycool : we should all go over to nier:automata and troll the weebs lol :D GJ CPY
  • matanler123 : removing from my board!!!
  • matanler123 : rarbg also avalibale
  • PdT321 : crack only link is available at skidrow reloaded ;) pirate this and make justice!
  • jperullas : Who ever cracked this is a fucking MAD MAN! Only two weeks! I can't fucking believe this!!!!!! P.S GAS THE KIKES!
  • STKBraT : The only problem, is that i will have to download again...But i fuccking happy
  • Cherry : And after 2 weeks crack has come to us!
  • Aomatsu : @staycool of course it's shit it just came out XD
  • trexsh : Somebody upload only the crack pls !!!!
  • Caleb Kendrick : lets go boys!!!! fuck yes!
  • PdT321 : ALL HAIL!!!!
  • staycool : well it's out but the seed ratio is shit
  • staycool : link to torrent anyone or a website
  • eggorko : congrats guys xD cpy is ours *wallets* saviour
  • TomN7 : CODE BLACK, CODE BLACK! Crack has been launched by CPY. This is NOT a drill! I repeat, this is NOT a drill! Everyone check the Reddit, NOW!
  • Aomatsu : lol, it's hilarious to watch Zolton went from "I have the moral high ground, you people should buy the game" to "FUCK ALL OF YOU PIRATE SCUMS!!!" the moment he realize the crack is most likely out. XD
  • Kinz : Yes Jibby lecture us about pirating and how it`s wrong through the account you made on a site related to pirating. No hypocrisy or irony there.
  • KIKEGASSER1488 : Remember if you pirate this game you are doing a good thing bioware/ea are evil
  • emperio216 : seems like it's cracked (crackwatch "CPY hint"
  • staycool : I think jibby is Zolton's alter account, the butthurt is REAL my fellow pirates!
  • jibby5544 : @zolton you got the game that's fine and you already have weeks ahead of these people to play it even if they release the crack right now . So instead of talking to them , why don't you focus on getting 100% of your game instead. It isn't going to help anyone here . People who watch this thread most likely ain't going to buy the game.
  • matanler123 : i am sure that people here know that piracy is not legal but you if there is an option to play a game without paying you go for it but still nevermind all that if you are against piracy than why are you here?
  • jibby5544 : also alexmercenary , you are the one who should STFU , freaking liar . You are just a pathetic troll , I bet you don't even want to play the game, you just want to make up fake news on when the crack is out . Nobody is going to believe you so crawl back to your troll's cave
  • jibby5544 : wtf is wrong with you people , you are pirating a game and talk like you have every right to do it ? You are struggling to pay the bill , does that gives you excuses to rob the bank and commit crime ?
  • dellvanity : New CPY hint on the crackwatch reddit! That means its super close
  • staycool : How many people here think Zolton should put a remote up his ass?
  • kesu1 : I hope you're right!
  • devkit : my buddy who is just in the middle of all the action says that the game is cracked and will be available on thursday maybe earlier, so yeah just a little bit more
  • stormfury : brat* :p
  • stormfury : omfg @Zolton you sound like a rich spoiled white rat ahahahahahah. So much stereotype in a post ahahah im shitting myself laughing at you man. godbless
  • PdT321 : seems like it. so, don't buy this piece of crap feminist SJW game!
  • Anupo : So we'll be playing until the weekend MEA
  • PdT321 : btw, Zolton is a butthurt kike :D
  • PdT321 : ME:A uses old version of DENUVO
  • PdT321 : CPY just hinted this crack is very likely to be released in the following days :)
  • staycool : Zolton you need to stay cool
  • Nisheshg5 : Guys fitgirl has added Mass Effect: Andromeda as an upcomming game. Meaning it has been cracked or will be cracked very soon.
  • CurseOfWar : @Zolton - Sounds like it's more about self-righteous asshole like you. Do you... donate most of your pay to food bank then? Because I can assure you no one around the creation of these games are going homeless, otherwise they wouldn't make it anymore... It's the nature of what runs our world "Supply and Demand" I rather drop $60 in donation than supporting a well off corporation. You see... these people here... they waits 100 days to get a game for free... they weren't gonna buy it anyways, I can assure you... You should spent your energy on cause that actually have a purpose instead of rambling on here. just my 2 cents
  • alexmercenary872 : fitgirl repack has it on upcoming repacks list
  • metalreflectslime : Which website will host the crack first?
  • alexmercenary872 : @denery coz he wasted his money, and now he knew he could've played it for free
  • alexmercenary872 : is there any way to ignore/mute this retard from comment section ?
  • Zolton : It is not about the game, it is about worms like you. Rules are made to be followed not to be broken. This worlds sucks, many people do not have enough money even for food. The reason behind it is the core principle of getting evrything for free. You are the example, the game is not made out of nowhere, millions of dollars put into the development and because of you it goes in waste. So why the world sucks for many people? because some percent of assholes think they should be special and live for free. So fuck you pathetic consuming parasites.
  • denerysan : The game is fucking horrible why do you think he's so pissy about it?
  • alexmercenary872 : he is a butthurt dude who already bought the game and now regrets it
  • matanler123 : zolton let me understand so you want to buy the game or already bought it, you dont like cracks, you hate everyone in this chat apparently THEN WHY ARE YOU HERE COMMENTING JUST PLAY THE FUCKING GAME AND LEAVE THIS CHAT!!
  • stormfury : @zolton, lol much butt hurt? Some people dont have that kind of money to spare for a "game" while paying bills. If i could afford it id have bought it on the first day you cunt. Before you judge someone go look at the mirror, disgusting fuckface.
  • skrowl : zolton = bioware employee
  • alexmercenary872 : how sure are you ?
  • LokeshSharma : Crack is gonna be released today.
  • alexmercenary872 : @Zolton shut the fuck up.
  • Zolton : I wish you all who wait for crack just died. The wolrd would be such a better place without you cheap fucks. You are the worms who poison everything, filthy dirty assholes. Choke on that crack and burn in Hell!
  • alexmercenary872 : fitgirl have it on upcoming repack.
  • metalreflectslime : Which torrent site will this be on first?
  • alexmercenary872 : RIP to fallen brothers who couldn't wait and bought the game
  • alexmercenary872 : yep, anyday now
  • stormfury : Good news guys. CPY's new hint is out, "do it zoidberg style" also fitgirl incoming repack there is MAE. so i think its almost here. Gonna get my weed and travel to spaces and shiiiit :))
  • KIKEGASSER1488 : Ha Ha crack soon brothers we will make the bioware die.
  • alexmercenary872 : nvm i found it
  • alexmercenary872 : @staycool, where have you seen it ?
  • staycool : Also rejoice everyone, new hint from CPY is: Do it Zoidberg style, so it's pretty much Andromeda :)
  • staycool : Zolton is a faggot shill
  • alexmercenary872 : *never
  • alexmercenary872 : @zoltron dude what the fuck, if you want to buy the game then buy and ever comment here again.
  • KIKEGASSER1488 : Zoltron is an autistic manchild this game is bad wait for the crack my brothers we will make them cry.
  • matanler123 : damn i just saw angry joe's review of Andromeda and again i just care about this game less and less. really disappointing
  • Zolton : It seems I was right after all. The game is fabulous, indeed. I have browsed all games from 2013 to 2017 and realized that Andromeda is way beyond 95% of other games. If it is to buy then Andromeda is the right choice, for sure.
  • steafun : Played with male the whole 80 hours can't talk for female though.
  • alexmercenary872 : well then im not buying it, also yea i got 0 problem with facial animation they were bad in ME 1,2,3 as well.
  • steafun : @alex it won't run well. 8gb is definitely not enough for this game. I have played it on high with 40-60 fps average game was eating 5-6gb ram alone. I had special code from Greenmangaming they are pretty legit . On the other hand you need a ssd for proper gameplay. But then it's just release they will patch it at april 4th I think. I'd recommend it to hardcore mass effect fans. If you didn't play ME before you'll probably focus on faces,graphics and other flaws. I give it a 6 out of 10 but if they fix the faces and other minor bugs then game is easily 8 out of 10
  • alexmercenary872 : faical animations are pretty bad with female character i've heard.
  • steafun : Plus facial animations are bad but not THAT BAD. They were always fucked up at some point in the trilogy. I'm feeling bad for supporting these SJW fucks but the thing is Mass Effect is the only franchise that I'd pay for. Didn't and won't be buying any other title from them anyways.
  • alexmercenary872 : 36$ from where ? also im not sure if my pc can run it. i got i56th gen. 8 gb ram, 2 gb AMDR5 335 card
  • steafun : Well , bought the game and finished it under 80 hours. It's good game with flaws. People getting into hype hate train are just losing their chance to feel mass effect universe again. If waiting is your thing then don't pay and wait for crack. I bought it for $36 so it wasn't that bad.
  • alexmercenary872 : i dont think they will be able to crack this game, i would've bought this game but im not sure if it will run on my pc or not
  • amir8638 : please crack
  • HeliosDX : Only cucks and losers would pay for this SJW shit.
  • PepeOfKekistan : NORMIES GET THE FUCK OUT OF MY COMMENT SECTION !!!! REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE Jokes aside can't wait for the crack if the game is good I am gonna buy it for the multiplayer :)
  • darxangel : No, I just did not know that it was a fake site. I just downloaded something that expressed a proper crack and I thought it was released. I haven't checked it though because I am still downloading the game.
  • Szito86 : He know Alex he is just being a ass cuz of april 1st
  • alexmercenary872 : @drax cpygames is a fake site. cracks dont work
  • xanexawer : i'm buy this shit $2,5, and gaming 7 days... this game not worth they money!!!
  • matanler123 : what is your problem man?
  • darxangel : Wildlands too, Dishonored 2 too...these guys fucked Denuvo for sure.
  • Szito86 : @Darx CPY does not have a website.......this as been said several times. BTW thats not funny
  • PdT321 : wow you guys are desperate! lotso f talk but in the end you support denuvu and progreware
  • underoaths : Don't worry DEvil... At least you can afford it and your country doesn't have a avrg. salary of 150 eur. :)
  • Devil Ninja7x : i bought the game guys... i didnt have a choice, i want to play this so much and its awesome. sorry guys i supported denuvo and i feel bad for that, but the game is freaking nice. im a bad person sorry about that.
  • denuvogaming : come on! it's 31 already release the crack!
  • Devil Ninja7x : i know how you fell Anupo... same here hu3
  • Anupo : I'll wait for the crack, in Brazil, this game is so expensive = /
  • alexmercenary872 : lets just forget about this game and comeback here after 1 month
  • Spaceballsy : fix animations and give us back paragaon/renegade and maybe ill buy this game
  • Bijmix : Not willing to give my money to EA and the new bioware
  • hast : hahaha i bought the game too !
  • alexmercenary872 : @neo well said !
  • neo99 : Good News!.....I just bought the game....and im one of the poor 1st world motherfucker you'll ever see.... Glitch and all im still Loooooooooooving it....You can Keep this Toxic thread going and going, Im out cunts!
  • Satan : gas the kikes
  • PdT321 : I AM RELAXEDD!!
  • seeker97 : relax guys. i know we all want it to be crack. be patient. next time put your trust 50-50 and 100% when the news is really happened. peace guys.
  • Devil Ninja7x : all cpy site are fake... dont trust then, trust this site and the reddit.*
  • Devil Ninja7x : all cpy site is fake... dont trust then
  • emperio216 : @Anupo no all fake , and btw cpy have no website
  • Anupo : To sites already with crack, taking CPY name, is this true? My post link has been deleted
  • emperio216 : @Szito86 i hope they crack it AASAP
  • Szito86 : @emperio216 non that I have seen so far
  • emperio216 : any legit news
  • Malparit : CPY cracket
  • PdT321 : BIOWARE needs to learn not to be racist and drop the SJW brainwashing.
  • Zolton : Bioware is going to share the information regarding the improvements they are going to make in future. They say all the bad reviews were evaluated and a solution will be developed. The detailed information will be available on April 4.
  • alexmercenary872 : yea yea shut up
  • jibby5544 : Didn't you say you did all your " research " and confirm your " sources " ( who can't even spell ) is legit ? Man you should be permanently banned from this board for disappointing everyone here
  • jibby5544 : You sure have a lot of time , every crackboard I go , You are there @alexmercenary872 , spreading rumors about the 30th CRACK RELEASE . SO WHERE IS your crack now ? Answer to everyone here now
  • jibby5544 : So its the 30th now , where is your crack ? Look who is the retard now , Alexmercenary
  • moonacre : the longer i wait....the less i could care about mass effect........not enough crack houses like there used to be....
  • alexmercenary872 : @jibby5544 speak for yourself retard.
  • alexmercenary872 : so its 30th today
  • KIKEGASSER1488 : Trust the white master race do not buy this game pirate it .
  • Devil Ninja7x : zolton is on drugs for sure
  • PdT321 : it's fake
  • jblr419 : Hope the "rumour" of it being released tomorrow is true. I'm excited to play this.
  • PdT321 : zolton, why the fk you are still here if you already bought the game? stop being so fking kike and gtfo
  • Zolton : New version of Denuvo has NEVER been cracked and it is not going to be. Realize this simple fact, people: No pay - No game. Those who say opposite to being a decent man are not worth any attention whatsoever. They are Angry Little Men, they lie. In reality Andromeda is a fantastic game, all bad reviews are based on politics not the game itself. I hope you will find the right voice of reasoning and buy the game.
  • KIKEGASSER1488 : Never install origin spyware never give EA money they are anti-white and they hate you.
  • staycool : it tood 3dm 30 days to create a bypass for DA:I you pleb
  • Punkee : People relax, one time or another the crack will come out, it may take a while, but it will come out.
  • Devil Ninja7x : TAKE 321 DAYS... NOT A MONTH
  • staycool : it took them a month to crack dragon age 3, so be silent peasant
  • PdT321 : <3 all welcome (except kikes)
  • jblr419 : What a stupid flame war. You all are a cancerous community. I'm happy to be a part of it :)
  • PdT321 : zolton is a kike, don't listen to him. i don't even know what he is doing around here.
  • Zolton : Cpygames is a fake website. Crack will NEVER be. Not tomorrow, not month later, not ever. Buy the game if you are so into playing Andromeda.
  • sachin1995 : what about the crack link at cpygames? has it worked for anyone yet?
  • bratiki : so with any luck tomorrow?
  • durm77 : we've waited this long for the damned game, who cares about waiting another year or so for it? by all accounts, it's bad anyhow, so wait for the crack,wait until it's dirt cheap, or move on with life
  • jibby5544 : Denuvo games on origin are hard to crack , DA 3 which was on frostbite engine as well took them almost a year to crack it . I expect them to crack this faster but it will take them at least 6 months or so .
  • jibby5544 : Can you guys please wake the **** up . Look at all the past denuvo games on Origin , titanfall 2 , swbf , or Unravel remains uncracked until now . I was just checking the name this alex guy mentioned , he can't even type properly . Also the person who posted on the comment was a random aliases by a random stranger, not even the same guy in CPY
  • alexmercenary872 : @torrenius are you retarded or something
  • Torrenius : It was a joke about the twitter page, and the thing written on skidrow website is also a fake, just I and my friends decided to prank people a little bit... do not take it too personally...
  • Zolton : Simon says - Buy the game, Simon says - Donate the money, Zolton says - Do what Simon says, Simon says - Listen to what Zolton says.
  • alexmercenary872 : maybe we see something on 30th, also check skidrow website for proof
  • MBAS1984 : Ohwait, it was POSTED on the 28th. Mybad.
  • MBAS1984 : Well, its the 29th, still nothing from conspyr4cy?
  • alexmercenary872 : i just googled that guy, before posting my previous comment.
  • Devil Ninja7x : well, i will believe in you alex... you looks like a nice guy. 1 day left for this one i hope
  • alexmercenary872 : its a legit news, guys conspyr4cy who is CPY posted that " Please be patient! Crack will be available in 2 days." on 28th march
  • alexmercenary872 : OOO SHIT
  • alexmercenary872 : the comment posted on 28 march
  • alexmercenary872 : someone said that on legit cracking site "Please be patient! Crack will be available in 2 days."
  • Dryna23 : Pleas give cpy twitter
  • Devil Ninja7x : it's not even day 30... maybe tomorrow, if was true about that twitter site(i doubt). when they release the crack this page will automatically refresh. for now, no cracked yet.
  • alexmercenary872 : is it cracked or not ?
  • GADS21 : Whats the ETA? CPY crack is legit?
  • [email protected] : i dont know if it's legit twitter site (doubt it) but it says that CPY cracked Hitman. Not a word on ME:A :(
  • KIKEGASSER1488 : Gas the kikes race war now. Do not buy this game wait for crack.
  • jblr419 : Do mods monitor this chat? Can I curse freely?
  • KIKEGASSER1488 : Zoltron is a jew and he hates whites do not buy thias game pirate it!
  • jblr419 : How about a source for them saying they cracked it? All of you idiots saying it's cracked but don't say where. I don't think CPY has a twitter. So I doubt that source is legitimate.
  • Devil Ninja7x : well... if this game are so buggy do way you say. i'll wait for the crack, i only have 2 weeks to play and i will not buy the game if it is too bad
  • ELM : Guys i just came to tell you that you should buy the game. It's way to glitchy, i hit a loading screen when trying to enter the ship again and it keeps loading forever, i tryed everything to make it work but nothing, and many people are getting this issue, so we just gonna have to wait for a patch to fix this so we can keep playing, i regret so much spending money on this hahaha
  • Devil Ninja7x : i want to believe in you, but i dont know... you cannot play with my feelings this way.
  • PdT321 : omg really??!! link!!!
  • Torrenius : It's cracked! CPY did it! gonna release on 30th, got it from their twitter
  • Devil Ninja7x : zolton are more stupid than i thought
  • Ringuin : WTF Zolton this is a crack progress site,not a religious debate site or whatever,go lay under a rock !
  • PdT321 : go pray to your reptilian god
  • PdT321 : stfu zolton fking kike
  • Zolton : "Do not think that I have come to abolish the Law or the Prophets; I have not come to abolish them but to fulfill them." | MATTHEW 5:17
  • alexmercenary872 : WTF man
  • asdlionko : Hey now think about what to do I think about what to say, I think about how to think Pause it, play it, pause it play it, pause it
  • asdlionko : Now we run, run away from the boys in the blue And my car smells like chocolate
  • asdlionko : You say, we go where nobody knows Got guns hidden under our petticoats
  • asdlionko : Hey now call it a split 'cause you know that you will Oh you bite your friends like chocolate Read more: The 1975 - Chocolate Lyrics | MetroLyrics
  • Devil Ninja7x : i just trust in a few sites, and im not a big fan of torrent downloads. i just download games from storage sites (mega, uptobox and others like that)
  • alexmercenary872 : i've been scamme btw by the site which claims they cracked ME A
  • Devil Ninja7x : yeah, i don't like to play with female character when i can choose between male or female. and i love the franchise, i really dont care about anything that everyone is complaining.
  • alexmercenary872 : also i've heard most of shitty facial animations are just for female in this game, if you choose male you wont get much disappointed . anyway i even love ME 3 so im cool with every trash they throw at us.
  • Devil Ninja7x : i dont know if resident was the last version,
  • alexmercenary872 : RE 7 got cracked too it has latest denuvo or not ?
  • alexmercenary872 : o shit
  • Devil Ninja7x : yeah... but take 321 days, its a long time to wait haha
  • alexmercenary872 : also didnt DA:I got cracked too? it had latest denuvo too or im wrong
  • alexmercenary872 : he is a cop in pirate ship
  • Devil Ninja7x : yeah, its because of work. im not sure if my pc run this game too haha. zolton is a stupid guy, dont listen to him.
  • jibby5544 : and devilninja nobody give a fck whats going on in your life , your not buying it, your a pirate . Have some respects , not for others but for yourself . You want to play it for free , so be polite and wait for the release .
  • jibby5544 : also that guy who said the game is out on 30TH , I have just checked their pages, where did they even mention ME:A ?
  • alexmercenary872 : im not even sure if my pc can run this, i got i5 6th gen. 8GB ram. and AMD R5 335 2GB GPU
  • alexmercenary872 : because of work ?
  • Devil Ninja7x : i have money, but only 2 weeks to play... and after that i dont know when i will have another opportunity to play
  • alexmercenary872 : i dont have money to buy this
  • alexmercenary872 : im waiting :(
  • Devil Ninja7x : you're the guy that want to make us buying the game... i wont believe in you zolton.
  • seeker97 : sometimes people annoyed you just for an attention. not worth debate with people like them. im soo excited for the crack.:D
  • Zolton : Great news, people! Andromeda is protected by the NEW version of Denuvo(if you don't believe me, google it up), meaning it is going to be NOT the Andromeda on the 30th. Enjoy!
  • K-dst : "I just wanted to bang you..."
  • Zolton : @GaryBlueRose Finally, someone wrote the right thing to do! 1
  • GaryBlueRose : I've heard some bad comments about this game from random people, but there's one thing I know for certain and I recommend everyone to do this: Don't judge a game unless you finish it. Who knows, maybe they dont like it but you will! Also, if you crack a game, be sure to buy it later on, that's what I try to do as long as I enjoy the game :)
  • Devil Ninja7x : im patient... if i weren't patient i already had bought the game
  • Devil Ninja7x : maybe...
  • jblr419 : So is it coming out on the 30th or not?
  • alexmercenary872 : that's great
  • staycool : so it may as well be out on 30th
  • staycool : i've read that andromeda still uses denuvo v3, the same one that has been cracked late
  • staycool : it will come out dude, just be patient
  • Devil Ninja7x : just just dont play with my heart dude... im almost buying this shit
  • Devil Ninja7x : i will believe in you @alexmercenary872.
  • matanler123 : ok?
  • alexmercenary872 : we'll bang !
  • sachin1995 : Been waiting 600 years for this :D
  • alexmercenary872 : somebody save me from spoilers ! omg
  • denerysan : Craaack, need craaack now :< Please
  • alexmercenary872 : i posted the link but my comment got deleted
  • Irisena : Zolton, your argument makes no sense at all. 1.) This game doesn't need more recognition from people with scandal etc. this game already inherited the name of mass effect and that is already a pretty good bait for most people to buy it. adding negative stuff inside only going to hurt the game and the company's name in the long run. 2.) just because the game is bad and there's a lot of rumour going on about feminism and SJWs doesn't mean people will buy it out of sheer curiosity. The game is expensive and we have youtube for a reason, right?
  • K-dst : The exact source of the website?
  • alexmercenary872 : on legit website, some user posted it. im not pretty much s ure
  • Devil Ninja7x : where did you see this rumor? i hope so...
  • alexmercenary872 : some rumors say's cpy promised crack on 30th. is that true ?
  • Zeit : Bad press is bad press. People is not going to pay 60 dollars to assess the issue. thanks to youtube and twitch, there are tons of ways to check those rumours and critiques without having to buy it.
  • KIKEGASSER1488 : I come to this site to shitpost.
  • Devil Ninja7x : nope... i enter in this site everytimenope, i enter in this site every hour to see if they did this crack. i want to play this so much, im almost buying.
  • TDG : Any news guys?
  • PdT321 : zolton is a fagget trans jewish feminist who hates white people
  • staycool : Zolton is a faggot that probably bought the game and now regrets spending his money
  • KIKEGASSER1488 : Do not listen to (((zoltron))) he is a paid shill and andu white.
  • KIKEGASSER1488 : Remember nu-bioware is anti-white and SJW do not buy their products ever also you will have to install origin which is a bad idea.
  • PdT321 : whatever you say dude. i'm not buying it
  • Devil Ninja7x : just stop dude...
  • Zolton : Game's sales depend on its popularity. The quickest way to achieve the popularity is to make a scandal. Feminism in the game will make it to the top of the news. More people would want a) to assess the issue themselves by playing the game b) strongly opposing the idea online that only increases the popularity of the game and c) encourage the modding, replacing ugly female textures with beautiful ones thus increasing game usage. If you set aside your emotions you would see that they want to sell as much as possible and prevent crack to be realeased until they fix the issues with the game.
  • PdT321 : zolton wtf are you talking about? so you are saying they make the game bad on purpose? don't be rwettarded. there's a clear political agenda behind it....
  • staycool : lol, wait like everyone else you chep cunt
  • Devil Ninja7x : someone buy and shre the account with me... i really doesnt have money to spend in this game right now
  • staycool : Don't listen to this faggot Zolton :) CPY will crack it
  • ForsakenChelle : bought it because too impatient to wait for a crack. but got it for only $35
  • Zolton : Don't be naive people. I'm trying to show the truth to you but you simply refuse to see it. The main goal of EA is to sell as much as possible. For the latter, it requires two steps. First one is to draw attention to the game, make you want to play it. The company succeeded in it by creating a scandal(putting in charge of game design - Manveer Heir(loud brown people with anti-white remarks who will make sure the game is heard). He was laid off a few days ago. He did his job by creating an interest(yes, negative but interest). Second step is make you want to buy the game. EA is going to release a lot of patches to fix bugs and probably they do not have to fix anything at all as they have delibertly sabotaged the game before the release of it. Ther is a decent percent that they are going to add a lot more of white skin characters into the game and make it more pleasant to play. I'm sure they do not care about the color of your skin as long as you keep buying their games.
  • Devil Ninja7x : i wont buy this game... i only have 2 weeks to play before i leave my country and my pc to work in another one.i prefer to believe that this game will be cracked until i leave.
  • overtlychicken : Meanwhile, Origin simply won't work on my computer, I've tried everything, so I couldn't play it legit if I tried :P
  • Cobra64 : *employs, *racist
  • Cobra64 : *buy
  • Cobra64 : Not going to but feminist game from a company that implows racism so I'll wait the year until a crack is available
  • PdT321 : GAS THE KIKES!
  • PdT321 : kikegasser knows what's up :D
  • KIKEGASSER1488 : Rememver if you buy this game you are giving money to people who want to kill you EA/nu-bioware are anti-white.
  • Zolton : Give up and Pay up, people! That's the only option left. Redeem your soul before it is too late!
  • cchiu23 : also people who say they've gotten faster or that it will be cracked soon don't have any idea how cracking denuvo works, from my understanding, crackers pretty much have to comb through the code line by line and they just got lucky with re7
  • cchiu23 : @curseofwar games are actually cheaper now adjusted for inflation, they have to price it at $70 because millions are poured into these games
  • matanler123 : i wish i knew how cracking works so i would know the diffuclty and why i wait
  • ELM : okay guys i gave up........ fuck me ......... i fail you all........
  • Dvois : Where is a crack?! CPY you can do it :D
  • Devil Ninja7x : Buy the game for me... probably its more cheap in your country than mine.
  • PdT321 : no dude. fuck EA i'm not going to support SJW, feminist and PC crap.
  • Devil Ninja7x : no i will wait for the crak...
  • Zolton : Admit it, there is NOT going to be a fast release like with Resident Evil, meaning it is going to take Months to get it cracked. For your own sake, stop living in pink dreams and buy it! Support the developers and they will produce even more amazing games like this one.
  • Caleb Kendrick : fk witcher 3. mass effect is my favorite RPG. i just enjoy the story and gameplay. screw the animations i can live with it
  • Caleb Kendrick : imm gonna keep checking this website everyday until this gets cracked
  • Ringuin : C˙`mon
  • Aveyond54 : It was all in chinese, so I just gave up
  • Devil Ninja7x : i know how you feel ELM... i just want to play thing before i need to leave my country to work in another one, and probably i will have an opportunity to play anything for a long time.
  • ELM : idk why i keep refreshing the page to check if it got cracked.
  • KIKEGASSER1488 : I postesd a fake image of this being cracked on 8chan ha ha ha.
  • KIKEGASSER1488 :
  • steafun : but fuck those SJWs not gonna buy it.
  • steafun : can't wait
  • Passionlevier : please bring a crack for this game
  • PdT321 : plssss
  • CurseOfWar : I feel that it's more or less a vicious cycle. People doesn't want to buy because of the high price, then they lost more sale to piracy, then they have to hike the price, then they lose more sale... Sounds like fair pricing might be the way to go... Not saying the game doesn't worth the money... if was $20 or $30 I'd bet they sell alot more than $70 a pop... and they might even recover those lost sale and defeat piracy in a sense... If you can throw affordable amount of money to get what you desired the right way, I think many of us will do it instead waiting for cracks to come out...
  • Zolton : It seems like Andromeda has some flaws but what if it is due to the piracy? After the news of a new tech by Denuvo, more and more companies set plans to develop some games for PC only. The lack of support and dying game industry for PC are mainly influenced by you who say the game is bad and still can't wait for the crack. If the game is bad why do you want to play it so badly? Why don't you just shut up and pay up?
  • steafun : Come on guys. I trust you , don't leave us hanging like this.
  • jperullas : Not going to give money to these PC shills. Can't wait for the crack!
  • Aveyond54 : Installing the game now, I'll tell you if it works
  • sylleth : I would've bought the game but alas, have a wedding coming up I'd rather save my money for the events....played the trial though. So far so good
  • PdT321 : EA is not having my white male cis money ;)
  • PdT321 : yeah... i'm not buying PC/feminist shit
  • Zolton : ****Cracking the game is like finding the right key for decryption. Considering the tech Denuvo currently has, it takes apprx. a year for decryption. Like Dishonored 2, Andromeda is going to be unavailable for at least 6 months so I would recommend buying it then waiting for so long****
  • Devil Ninja7x : if mass effect andromeda is really that bad... pls crack this soon because i dont want to buy
  • HeliosDX : Fuck political correctness and fucks SJWs. Please crack this shit.
  • stormfury : Have faith!
  • kestas21 : it will take a month minimum for them too get trough
  • JunkerGrubb : Obviously it's not.
  • Kinz : I`d be careful with that, there`s a few fake "cracked" versions of this game on scam sites. Didn`t the real KAT get shut down anyways?
  • neo99 : no trolling can you confirm its real?! O.O DONT F### WITH US WE'LL CUT YOU! lol
  • JunkerGrubb : No, it's on myspace. ¬¬
  • Aveyond54 : Crack is out on KAT
  • CurseOfWar : FLY~~~ My Pretties~~~~ ;) YOU GO Guys!!!
  • JunkerGrubb : This uses the new Denuvo, no? That should take a long ass time. Well, at least I see it as a race. Will they patch the graphics first, or will the crack come out first? Place your bets.
  • matanler123 : and not something that everyone didnt want like mad max(at least that is what i am thinking)
  • matanler123 : yhea denuvo is not easy to crack but i am just hoping that cpy cracks the most wanted games
  • Seredown : gotta love denuvo xD
  • PdT321 : cpy plox
  • PdT321 : well... denuvo is hard to crack. look at previous games how long it took
  • DieHard420 : I wonder what's taking so long for it to be cracked )-:
  • RAM-BO : you guys are the best btw *chest pump
  • RAM-BO : take dem mafuckas dowwwn
  • pedroxin : fuckin crack this shite already I'm dyin over here ...
  • eldryc66 : Fuck.
  • kilyan : game animation is crap,
  • Grimjar : Can't wait for crack!
  • GADS21 : how long are you guys gonna take to crack this?
  • davidutud123 : COME ON CPY ! Where are you ?
  • KIKEGASSER1488 : Gas the kiles race war now.
  • Zslipknot : Where iss it
  • jgheld : Was playing through the first 3, suddenly I loved the ending, and was confused. Didn't realize DLC changed it. =D
  • allangracia : please make this crack
  • 12cc11 : ryders eyes tho
  • Punkee : We'll bang, ok?
  • Si3222 : no monitoring of intelligent racist remarks ?
  • lenraim : I trust you in all of you guys, I know you can make this crack <3
  • PdT321 : racist, feminist, sjw iodiot devs... brainwashed by jewish interests
  • PdT321 : i'd have bought the game if i t were not for the clearl political propaganda they shove down our throats
  • matanler123 : i wish that there was some kind of a website that keeps track of cpy progress so we would know if a game is almost cracked
  • Ringuin : #fuckdenuvo
  • matanler123 : so you are saying fuck the world
  • dellvanity : 2) I would never pay full price for this game at the price it's at now, jesus. They really need to lower the price.
  • dellvanity : 1) They've gotten a lot faster at cracking Denuvo, these people are hella talented
  • The Kesar : Fuck EA! Fuck SJW! Crack it just to prove a point!
  • Turian : Is there an ETA yet?? DYING to play this.
  • jblr419 : Hope the game gets cracked soon.
  • seeker97 : please! I want this crack very bad. keep up the great work.
  • DryAssChicken : lol they should wait on a crack after the animation patch update. No need to play an unpolished game
  • theroguequeen : @eggorko i fully support this message... but also #fuckEA
  • eggorko : #hailcpy #fuckdenuvo?
  • moonacre : i reckon this will be cracked within 24 hours...just to prove a point...look at resi 7...6 days....they know what they are doing now in regards to bypassing/cracking denuvo.....go on crack houses!...prove a point...midnight release tonight?
  • Jokerofblades : If they fix facial animations before the crack is released I will buy it. Otherwise I don't give a shit.
  • theroguequeen : Man I do hope they crack this one. The game is enjoyable but definitely not worth the full price. Also, I'm not giving my money to EA ever again, even though ME is one of my fave series of all time.
  • asdlionko : ETA?
  • corky : i think this is under Denuvo protection which means it won't be cracked for a Good amount of time.
  • MIHANYA : Just sitting and waiting for a crack :)
  • mrghcrackeater : this game sucks ! hope they don't waste their time cracking it
  • podshibin : don't support SJW, pirate this shit!
  • Cenncroithi : I hope that this will take less time to crack that Inquisition, because I want to try it to see how it is. No way I'm going to pay for a demo, that shit should be free for everyone.
  • khaylia : I'm dying for this crack! Hope it gets released soon
  • nattei : Why isn't this game in the "Denuvo protected games" on wikipedia? I mean they got the other upcoming games and such. Is it 100% that ME:A will use Denuvo? :D
  • matanler123 : We are all with you cpy thanks for taking your time to crack all of the games with denuvo protection its probably not easy so thanks
  • rocky45 : CPY, oh my dear CPY.. if you're reading this then PLEASE.. Let's show them how to make good animations lol
  • Fang : *Prays for quick CPY crack like with RE7*
  • piratebay112 : crack it fam!!!
  • mr_justincase : The 10 hours just made me want it even more. I bought the game, I just want to get it avctivated =P
  • undeadpasta : I wonder if there's any hope for this getting cracked?
  • LokeshSharma : Yeah
  • PotatoPC001 : This game will be protected with Denuvo ?
  • moonacre : played the first b3...if they let us fly the normandy like in ED or SC we would have the best space game ever
  • hartless : cant wait for this one...
  • Mass.Effect.Andromeda.NFOFIX-CPY
    Apr 04, 2017 CPY 1 NFO

  • Mass.Effect.Andromeda-CPY
    Apr 04, 2017 CPY 49056 MB


Mass Effect Andromeda Denuvo

CRACKED after 13 days!
  • ondrejmarsalek : Hello. Yes, it's because it's denouvo the same as Sniper Ghost Warrior 3 is it denuvo already will be several in the day managed to dennyvo CPY is waiting for confirmation at crackers denuvo and because of working for denuvo games?
  • jorjo67 : let us prey that it gets cracked soon :D
  • vurtune : cracknite dlya mishi pls
  • pessoadoalem : i want to play dis game :)
  • hartless : uhh...the game isnt even released yet
  • Rikiar : This isn't cracked, fix it.
  • No NFO yet

Prey Denuvo

Not Yet Released
  • ToxicHayabusa : The game is already crack by CPY.
  • ToxicHayabusa : *that be cracked in one day (sorry i'm tired and french)
  • ToxicHayabusa : Denuvo suck.. Look some games with Denuvo that they'll be cracked in one day..
  • Phr34kz : hur
  • CrazyMalk : People can't understand that cracking denuvo games is hard, and there are a lot of games that use it.
  • Eun : Yes please!
  • No NFO yet

Sniper Ghost Warrior 3 Denuvo

Not Yet Cracked
  • masumsajib : pls CPY crack this game...pls...pls...pls...pls
  • Supersonic3550 : I need this game man! C'mon! U CAN DO IT!! U did it with other games!!
  • Shadow : I can't wait anymore, I want to kill HITLER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • CrackiN : CPY plzz crack. I will pay you...
  • YouLose 66 :
  • Sailor-Moon : Any word about this game?
  • tanmatos : crack cpy plssssss
  • nino94 : so guys i buy this game bcs its too long for wait and i must say to you all. dont buy this game wait for crack is not nothing too good :/
  • Tjakka00 : I can't wait to play this game. It's a lovely game.
  • echelon : Great game , please crack this one.
  • LokeshSharma : Yeah CPY doesn't have a site
  • mrghcrackeater : cpy doesn't have a official website ,whatever you saw is fake
  • chubmiester613 : its cracked on cpy website everyone. go see it
  • Fentasy : GO CRACK CPY please !!!!!!
  • Gamer_sarmad : Do It CPY !!!!
  • nino94 : DO IT CPY!!
  • Eun : Why are people so stupid on this site?? They can't just 'release the crack' if u want it so bad just buy it
  • liam123white : any idea how long this will take?
  • Muchar : plz release the crack
  • kevin97 : i really hope crack will come ASAP
  • nazzipanda : cpy crack please this game is perfect
  • titosparks : I think they are waiting for all DLC's for crack it
  • Rafitare : cpy, be good and crack this
  • Long_John : I want this game so bad :c
  • WaterHazard : it's probably going to take a month to crack this, fuck this
  • WaterHazard : need crack pleeeeeeeeeeeease
  • HTL-Vortex : We wait for you cpy :)
  • Le_Dmon : CPY pls :)
  • pandavova : Yeah.... Would be very nice if a crack is in work.....
  • RiisingFR : i really need this
  • WaterHazard : Crack this game please CPYYYYY
  • WaterHazard : cracl thos ga,e ´çeeeeeease cý
  • hp medwiaka : cpy crack plzz
  • No NFO yet

Sniper Elite 4 Denuvo

Not Yet Cracked
  • rahat111 : please crack this cpy we know you can do this
  • amir8638 : please crack
  • MrMadMask : Sorry for any errors, my keyboard is pretty bad and I literally CANNOT SEE WHAT I'M TYPING. Grey words on white space. Wow.
  • MrMadMask : Well, thinking about Dead by Daylight )another online-only title=, I think it's possible to crack For Honor and play it with other cracked users.
  • LokeshSharma : It is not cracked and online only title. So don't wait for crack of this game cuz it ain't gonna happen unless Ubisoft make it offline
  • LorKen : I was watching a video that 3dm cracked for honor i don't know is it true , i know that there is full unlocked file version, so i don't know if there is crack or no ?
  • Irisena : cpy is a scene group. they dont have a website
  • ThaFrostman : DAFAQ? If you go to CPY's website, it says its crack.
  • Joelarmando : Crack PLzzz T-T
  • Joelarmando : Crack T-T PLzzz
  • CrazyMalk : People can't understand that cracking denuvo games is hard, and there are a lot of games that use it.
  • kimonosamurai123 : i dream this game everyday , please crack
  • jellymight123 : come on this has a singleplayer campaign as well
  • andutzuzu : Wait for crack !!!
  • lautaro319 : necesito el dulce nectar del crack plz
  • kaldis12 : Crack pleeeeaseee pls
  • LokeshSharma : Not likely to be cracked cuz Ubisoft turned it to an Online Only title
  • No NFO yet

For Honor Denuvo

Not Yet Cracked
  • Sh4d0wM3 : dont need a crack .. this game sucks
  • jellymight123 : please crack anyone
  • NikoG : is it possible to crack this because it is windows store exclusive ?
  • No NFO yet

Halo Wars 2 UWP

Not Yet Cracked
  • mario1597 : its just a question,if u need to insult at internet like a kid,u got a poor life m8 ;)
  • Ahrimanes : Here's a thought... if you're too impatient to wait for it to be cracked go buy the fucking game.
  • mario1597 : when u will take 2 dlc?
  • Raul : Capcom should get a refund from DeNuvo
  • DarkWanderer : geez, u r awesome guys
  • YOLO : @Harkenzo appreciated man
  • Harkenzo : @YOLO go to ThePirateBay or Kickass Torrents :3
  • YOLO : does anybody know WHERE CAN I DOWNLOAD THIS GAME ??
  • Harkenzo : Love you CPY thanks so much! You're doing God's work for him :D Really hoping for Dishonored 2 <3
  • clo1986 : For real, re7 already but TTW warhammer is still not cracked yet?
  • Ananome : how's re 7 cracked so quick but FM17 hasn't?
  • crackwatch : CrackWatch only provides crack status information. It does not provide any pirated or illegal files. Posting links to these files here is forbidden and will result in permanent ban.
  • iulian1256 : oh
  • Weightless : i think you can download it at ********.com but correct me if im wrong
  • NecaCar554 : how to download the crack ?
  • Scorpion : how download this crack?
  • kyemoon465 : I have the 3DM preload of this game. How do I extract them?
  • SpitFire : WTF, already!?
  • zh4r0naX : well done
  • xHazey64 : NICE
  • zelion90 : holy fucking shitting nice! hahahahaha
  • fatmach1ne : Where can I download the Crack?
  • jor987 : hola
  • Main Fighter : Well this was cracked fast.
  • fedenator2 : yeaaaah
  • pessoadoalem : CPY FUGING RULES!
  • cptunnamed : we want JC3 now
  • cptunnamed : fucking amazing
  • cptunnamed : wow
  • cptunnamed : CPY holy shit
  • Gupta Gupta : Thanks did it!! Dishonored 2 next plz
  • Marecar : FIFA 17 next game, please!
  • cappylb18 : CPY MAKE IT GUYS :D D:D :D :D
  • hartless : the wait is over
  • fluffypanda : cpy did it again
  • fluffypanda : yup
  • mrtm2002 : CRACKED
  • fluffypanda : i think they just cracked this
  • FileCracked : game is too good for these greedy nooks
  • FileCracked : pls dont crack
  • Spoff : goo
  • Le_Dmon : PLS CPY :'(
  • Delta_Neuro_Field : Fuck me T.T
  • Cupyers : i need to play daddy
  • Cupyers : pls
  • ware : pls crack this
  • Buzin : Priority please!! Forget every other game xD
  • FileCracked : lets hope this never gets cracked
  • nhnsn : c'mon guys, there are plenty of good games cracked. Don't be blind.
  • RandomNoob : ugh can't waaaaaait! going to be another 2 months before i'll have funds free to buy the game... I want it noooow :(
  • Pady : pleaaaaaaassseeeee
  • moonacre : i even tried my steam demo version exe in the pre downloaded game....but nothing....its up on the torrents for those that want to get the download out the way...just all waiting for the crack
  • moonacre : please....every minute i live is sheer agony
  • mickeymushi2609 : CPY make ur magic on this game too! <3
  • prootriix : come on pls
  • Delta_Neuro_Field : Oh god, please T.T
  • KeeperOfDarkness : I'm so excited!
  • rocky45 : CPY plz, if you are seeing this then make it your top priority!
  • lomaximo : crack plis
  • carpetsu : i cant wait
  • shamacord : crack pls
  • Delta_Neuro_Field : I can't wait and i don't have money T.T
  • Ahmadbahakim : I can't wait
  • zelion90 : oooh gim so excited
  • Leo : overanxious
  • fluffypanda : im still here
  • FileCracked : pls dont crack this game
  • Dakera : can't wwait
  • Dakera : cant wait dde
  • zelion90 : are they on it already or its pending to be cracked? cant wait hahaha
  • namelessdread : why does it take so long? Either you get it in a week or you never get it
  • kittenpussay : I'll be here waiting as well. CPY PLS
  • th3d3ck3r : lol 6 moths later
  • fluffypanda : i will stay here, pressing F5 till they crack the game.
  • Sh4d0wM3 : waiting for it...
  • willax : Wait and see
  • fluffypanda : same
  • raeed : i cant wait
  • Resident.Evil.7.BioHazard.DLC.Pack-Darbujan
    Feb 02, 2017 Darbujan 23 MB

  • Resident.Evil.7.Biohazard-CPY
    Jan 29, 2017 CPY 20958 MB


Resident Evil 7 Biohazard Denuvo

CRACKED after 6 days!
  • nino94 : i just hope that this game gonna be playable on windows 7 bcs game is awesome but win 10 is shit. every normal person who understand OS and PC-s know that win 10 is spyware and its totally shitty OS. WIN 7 CRACK PLS :D
  • Alastaire : Meh Quantum Break was UWP also and it got cracked.
  • mnc221 : You'll be waiting forever. UWP is bullshit
  • jimmy : Of course... I am waiting too.
  • nino94 : i cant wait this game...this is gonna be soooo good
  • No NFO yet

State of Decay 2 UWP

Not Yet Released
  • ondrejmarsalek : Dead Rising 4 it will not only be online and the protected game is called UWP i denuvo and I want to buy someone has cheap from ALZA or more beautifully sell and unfortunately there will be no reason to denuvo really will not cracked!
  • CowboyWoody37 : This is out on Steam!!! Hope it gets cracked soon. Don't know if its still protected with UWP, I dont think so but Denuvo is till there.
  • blackdragon : plzz crack it
  • LokeshSharma : Both Protection UWP and Denuvo. Soon will be released on steam. After that It might be cracked.
  • Ezio1985 : please crack this one next!
  • blackdragon : please crack it
  • arsalan : Crack IT
  • chxikva : please crack it
  • neutri : This game looks fun, please crack!
  • Timo654 : both, uwp and denuvo
  • crackwatch : Denuvo confirmed.
  • joseph : it is protected by denuvo. not uwp.
  • No NFO yet

Dead Rising 4 Denuvo, UWP

Not Yet Cracked
  • BlackBoy : have to wait
  • ShadowWordPain : i wnat
  • BarbaNegra : CPY PLZ, HELP
  • hackerdavis123 : Ubisoft says there's an offline mode. How I'd love if this game was cracked!!!
  • LokeshSharma : This game is online only
  • psylimusic : can't wait this crack :) i'm want to try before i buy it
  • t3cksymo : i need these
  • cptunnamed : would also love this aswell
  • SkywalkerZZZ : please!
  • Eun : PLEASE
  • No NFO yet

Steep Denuvo

Not Yet Cracked
  • BlackBoy : black screen or crash - This game is not cracked.
  • BlackBoy : Crack not working... Black screen ...
  • jelibonagaci : CPY sempai pls
  • jelibonagaci : ............
  • LokeshSharma : This game doesn't work on Dual Core Processors
  • YOLO : it does not want to work
  • YOLO : everytime i open the splash screen appears then disappears
  • YOLO : my problem is
  • Soham : I know CPY is the dead sec of this generation but this game is not working in my pc.Just a black screen,anyone knows any fix,have tried everything on the net.Too bad i cant play it,really loved the first game.
  • nhnsn : thanks cpy
  • Sammy07 : Thanks CPY . You are absolutely fantastic
  • amir : im form in egyept i hoap CPY Destroyed Denuvo all Games
  • haha : thank
  • Marecar : FIFA 17 next please!
  • FileCracked : ITS BEEN CRACKED
  • mnc221 : @pessoadoalem Chill dude, don't give them orders, let them crack it in their own time. Let's just be happy and enjoy WD2
  • pessoadoalem : very good cpy i love you now crack Dishonored 2 pls
  • isaac1993 : THEY F*CKING DID IT!!!!!
  • blackwee : We will be waiting for you senpai
  • Thatguy035 : Is this ever gonna get cracked? if so, when?
  • Delsana : The DLC isn't even out, granted it doesn't seem like all that good a dlc. Ubisoft has really led itself go
  • Wasif : pls cpy pls
  • L0laapk3 : plsss
  • Johnnyboc : It'd be nice to have this
  • skumba : please CPY\
  • Thatguy035 : Crackplease..
  • Eun : not worth $60!
  • Kaminaze : If you want this game so bad, just buy it. Jesus.
  • Eun : Would love this!
  • Derek : Pls
  • ReicitoEscobar : CPY, make this your priority!
  • Rifts : oooooooohhhhh
  • asdasd : Crack this pliz!'!
  • CyberCrew : CPY please make this game your priorities , i want to play this game so bad
  • Barbie : CPY is bae please
  • piqle : i come here everyday
  • Ronning50 : Please holy CPY crack this game, im desesperate
  • Derek : Just waiting for it
  • Zoomer Boomer : CPY 3DM FLT CODEX RELOADED we need this game ;-; :'(
  • Gouda : I need this game!!! CPY we're with you!
  • percentblack : please crack this
  • Bittu : Please crack this as soon as possible CPY
  • Bittu : CPY please crack this game as soon as possible .
  • RaFa : Would be awesome if that hacker's game got cracked :D
  • Bittu : Cpy please crack this game pleaaaaase
  • Ferner : CPY will crack is soon, their cracking streak is increasing fast.
  • NotGigo : CPY senpai pls.
  • IamGreen04 : Please...I need this in my life.
  • Watch.Dogs.2.MULTi16-PLAZA
    Jan 18, 2017 PLAZA 39501 MB

  • Watch.Dogs.2-CPY
    Jan 18, 2017 CPY 22117 MB


Watch Dogs 2 Denuvo

CRACKED after 51 days!
  • crackwatch : Cracked on Nov 10, 2016 by SKIDROW
  • Yesterday.Origins.Update.8-SKIDROW
    Mar 29, 2017 SKIDROW 626 MB

  • Yesterday.Origins.Update.7.REPACK-SKIDROW
    Jan 18, 2017 SKIDROW 30 MB

  • Yesterday.Origins.Update.7-SKIDROW
    Jan 18, 2017 SKIDROW 54 MB

  • Yesterday.Origins.Update.6-SKIDROW
    Dec 19, 2016 SKIDROW 225 MB

  • Yesterday.Origins.Update.5-SKIDROW
    Nov 18, 2016 SKIDROW 26 MB

  • Yesterday.Origins.Update.4-SKIDROW
    Nov 15, 2016 SKIDROW 26 MB

  • Yesterday.Origins.Update.2.and.3.PROPER-SKIDROW
    Nov 15, 2016 SKIDROW 177 MB

  • Yesterday.Origins.UPDATE.3-CPY
    Nov 14, 2016 CPY 1057 MB

  • Yesterday.Origins.UPDATE.2-CPY
    Nov 13, 2016 CPY 1010 MB

  • Yesterday.Origins-SKIDROW
    Nov 10, 2016 SKIDROW 3232 MB


Yesterday Origins Steam

CRACKED after 0 day!
  • wanttohackit : how do you crack it i think i can do it
  • Ankush_cr7_ : I cant believe i won this game in a giveaway last night, i was waiting for this crack for a long time
  • Eeia95 : Come on with this game already
  • Stalinovik : Cmon pls I can't wait
  • SkullGirl : It's cracked already
  • GamerSuper : Please crack this gameeeeeeeee!
  • vxco : ALL HAIL C P Y :v
  • vxco : sit still , for this crack :(
  • Mycroftian22 : CPY, pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
  • iCon : Plz crack fast, just 1 month is left
  • SndSnowWolf : no crack for this game it is to good secured :D
  • Le_Dmon : CPY PLS :(
  • SndSnowWolf : pls crack this fast... i wait sooo long for a game like this
  • CristhianBn : i nedd the crack D:
  • ZeroBlaster : I'm still waiting :/
  • digo : This is a very game to play
  • marcelian : i think it will be cracked soon
  • taylor swift : Some says it won't be cracked until all DLC are out (it could be in 6 months)
  • zarte13 : C'mon crack it
  • R : It's one of the more awesome park sim games . Spiritual successor to the famous roller coaster tycoon games
  • Shiraz Khan : It's great really, if you were into the original RCT games
  • Exile : it is popular, seems it is actually good.
  • Parzival : Is that even a real game? lol
  • No NFO yet

Planet Coaster Denuvo

Not Yet Cracked
  • mdgamer : crack pls \
  • luckiesttitan : cmon crack this game please :(
  • luckiesttitan : Ahh CrackWatch can t wait to play this art piece
  • metalreflectslime : The demo is good.
  • luckiesttitan : resident evil was cracked after 2 days from release and he is using denuvo protection too, dishonored 2 was released 6 months ago, still no crack : > and this game is very playable right now FeelsBadMan
  • SDreaMM : CPY if you crack this ill suck you off
  • luckiesttitan : i have a feeling that the game will be cracked this month, i hope im not wrong : >
  • Erfa : New CPY hint suggests our wait is over :)
  • mbahdokek : crack this please :(
  • bik_sw : Please crack it soon! I love this game
  • rahat111 : please crack this game cpy please
  • LokeshSharma : Works good on my Core 2 Duo 2.93 GHz 4 GB DDR2 RAM and NVIDIA GTX 750 Ti
  • LokeshSharma : And after playing demo version I wanna say this game is pretty awesome.
  • LokeshSharma : Have youHas anyone checked out the Demo [21 GB] of Dishonored 2. I think next crack might be dishonored 2 after Mass Effect: Andromeda.
  • xxsxhxaxixx : whats taking it so long thought?
  • max_hotstuff : Crack
  • ZeIceColdJasko : im afraid of buying it because i feel it's going to be cracked soon
  • Arno Shenoy : crack crack crack crack 😡
  • ForgeVCT : Buy this game its on 50% off, i just bought it, not worth waiting over 4 months
  • fhv71 : it was in the decuvo section but not anymore, damn!
  • fhv71 : just checked again and they deleted that entry, so I guess it wasn't real
  • fhv71 : mkdev site claims that a crack will be released today for this game, I hope that info is reale, but for now theres
  • Patba : I want it :C
  • luckiesttitan : i hope the crack will come soon, can t wait to play this game cuz i don t have the necesarly money to buy it
  • yuv : pleaseee
  • EDWARDTING : why still not crack?
  • Prosthetiks : Well to be fair Just Cause 3 and Mad Max took more than a year to crack so.. 4 months could still be early
  • iceolatorr : still waiting
  • Duchannes19 : Pleaaaseeeeee
  • ForgeVCT : crack it
  • matanler123 : why its so diffucult to crack i dont really know
  • matanler123 : like everyone is saying its beacause of the denuvo protection
  • null_pointer : i wonder what is special for this game that it's still not cracked
  • mk782001 : ppl get it done plz i already downloaded it just waiting for the crack man
  • ForgeVCT : iml they gave up cracking this game like fr, why its taking so long, its been 4 fucking months
  • Ringuin : `C mon Goddamit where is the crack already ???
  • Kernel : hurry up!
  • matanler123 : oh lordy!
  • Ringuin : Denuvo can go to hell !!!
  • ForgeVCT : oh my lord, crack it plz
  • yolka12 : Resident evil 7 was cracked in 2days. dishonored 2 half year even more..
  • UbaidShakir : Waiting kills!
  • ramanv00 : i'm dying to wait for this please crack it asap
  • CrazyMalk : People can't understand that cracking denuvo games is hard.
  • ZeIceColdJasko : come on CPY just crack the game please. i cant wait anymore. its killing me
  • user242 : please get this game done ASAP, many thanks!
  • Eun : CPY didnt make this site lmao
  • Eun : @mjsmjs44 are you fucking retarded? How do you think this works? Jesus christ
  • mjsmjs44 : just crack it already il donate to this website omg
  • genuine3000 : i'm just wondering if someone gives a shit about the comments
  • Tiberius : Why is CPY the only one who is cracking games? Is there anyone else who can do this, or is he the only one who knows how to bypass Denuvo?
  • Ubba : why this is not cracked yet? :( stop cracking shits and focus on the big games pls :(
  • mrghcrackeater : we love you cpy but you are being a dick
  • ishmam_ahmed : BRU , CRAKk
  • Termtime : Please do it guys! We really would love this one! the most liked one i think
  • RiisingFR : di it
  • mistermonochrome : crappy game. not even worth cracking. hope this become like jc3 lmao
  • Elpumbaok : This game is the most liked game in this page!!! PLEASE CRACK IT!!!
  • SkywalkerZZZ : lost the hope for this one
  • mickeymushi2609 : Please make your magic on this one next or in Sniper elite 4
  • Harkenzo : I will chop off a nut or something. Please crack dis one ;-; <3
  • shady07 : crack this already, even battlefield 1 has got cracked!
  • LokeshSharma : This game is worth cracking
  • lucas1h020 : costing a 1/5 of my monthly incomein my country :(
  • Bomelito : :3
  • Martin : The first one is amazing, please crack it ASAP
  • nevergotlaidbutstilltrying : pls dont abandon :_)
  • cptunnamed : And this
  • mark300 : please CPY crack this game!!!! :)
  • marc_pogi3 : i hope before january ends theres already cracked :(
  • Da Creepsta : Update: I gave up and bought it. Advise it to anyone who had been waiting since the first one, it's a lot of fun.
  • samsonth : please cpy crack this
  • Da Creepsta : This Game is amazing. Knowing how long it might take to crack, I'm tempted for the first time since GTAV to buy a legit copy. I'm holding on for now, but I pray for a quick crack.
  • Hunter : does anyone know when will it be cracked'
  • Parzival : I couldn't wait for the crack anymore, I bought it lat week, I 'cracked" haha but let me tell you that the game is worth every dollar, it's fraking awesome!!!
  • uberrraptor : No way we'll get a crack for a least a few month :(
  • GG55 : I can't wait for this one!! Come on!
  • No NFO yet

Dishonored 2 Denuvo

Not Yet Cracked
  • xFede : pls crack this game
  • faraday : not for all processors
  • cekirge0169 : YES it does google it mkdev fm 2017
  • kacperek : pls
  • blergh : no it hasn't yet
  • cekirge0169 : This game has cracked
  • markfaviere : Crack released mkdev
  • No NFO yet

Football Manager 2017 Denuvo

Not Yet Cracked
  • Muchar : plz release the update for core 2 duo error
  • crackwatch : Cracked on Nov 04, 2016 by RELOADED
  • Timo654 : I actually liked the game myself, though. I'm no activision employee I swear :P
  • lovemajj : Two Activision employees right here ;)
  • Parzival : yeah they are taking a lot of shit, but it is actually a pretty good game!
  • uberrraptor : The campaign was actually pretty good, I really enjoyed it!
  • Call.of.Duty.Infinite.Warfare.Update.v20161118.GERMAN-0x0007
    Nov 23, 2016 0x0007 634 MB

  • Call_of_Duty_Infinite_Warfare_Unlocker-HHT
    Nov 23, 2016 HHT 1 RAR

  • Call.of.Duty.Infinite.Warfare.Update.v20161118-RELOADED
    Nov 20, 2016 RELOADED 637 MB

  • Call.of.Duty.Infinite.Warfare.MULTi12-PROPHET
    Nov 09, 2016 PROPHET 117658 MB

  • Call.of.Duty.Infinite.Warfare.GERMAN-0x0007
    Nov 04, 2016 0x0007 65319 MB

  • Call.of.Duty.Infinite.Warfare-RELOADED
    Nov 04, 2016 RELOADED 64517 MB


Call of Duty : Infinite Warfare Arxan, Steam

CRACKED after 0 day!
  • LokeshSharma : This game is already cracked
  • frixxn : it is cracked by codex
  • Call_of_Duty_Modern_Warfare_Remastered_Unlocker-HHT
    Nov 23, 2016 HHT 1 RAR

  • Call.of.Duty.Modern.Warfare.Remastered-CODEX
    Nov 03, 2016 CODEX 39554 MB

    May 14, 2012 LZ0 6980 MB

  • Call.Of.Duty.4.Modern.Warfare.Update.1.4.CRACKED-DETONATiON
    Dec 21, 2007 DETONATiON 69 MB

  • Call.Of.Duty.4.Update.1.3.Cracked-BAT
    Dec 07, 2007 BAT 14 MB

    Nov 09, 2007 PROCYON 1 DVD9

  • Call_Of_Duty_4-Razor1911
    Nov 09, 2007 Razor1911 1 DVD9

    Nov 09, 2007 POSTMORTEM 1 DVD9

  • Call_Of_Duty_4_UNLOCKER-HHT
    Nov 07, 2007 HHT 4 MB

  • Call_Of_Duty_4_Crackfix_And_Keygen-Razor1911
    Nov 06, 2007 Razor1911 1 RAR


Call Of Duty Modern Warfare Remastered Steam

CRACKED after 0 day!
  • crackwatch : Special edition cracked on Oct 28, 2016 by CODEX
  • Sarkames : The choice of mods is a lot stricter, but at least a lot of the good ones have been ported over to SE. I wouldn't be in my right mind to pay for this after spending 200 hours on the original Skyrim, but I wanted to try it out to see if maybe it was more than just a shameless cashgrab. Well, the load times are a lot faster and now I can hide from rain, so it's got that going for it.
  • uberrraptor : That was a great game when it first came out, but now I tried it and even remastered it's not that great anymore...
  • The.Elder.Scrolls.V.Skyrim.Special.Edition.Update.v1.4.GERMAN-0x0007
    Feb 11, 2017 0x0007 1188 MB

  • The.Elder.Scrolls.V.Skyrim.Special.Edition.Update.v1.4-CODEX
    Feb 06, 2017 CODEX 1219 MB

  • The.Elder.Scrolls.V.Skyrim.Special.Edition.Update.v1.3-CODEX
    Dec 13, 2016 CODEX 1081 MB

  • The.Elder.Scrolls.V.Skyrim.Special.Edition.Update.v1.2.GERMAN-0x0007
    Nov 12, 2016 0x0007 1152 MB

  • The.Elder.Scrolls.V.Skyrim.Special.Edition.Update.v1.2-CODEX
    Nov 11, 2016 CODEX 1081 MB

  • The.Elder.Scrolls.V.Skyrim.Special.Edition.Update.v1.1.51-BAT
    Nov 07, 2016 BAT 1179 MB

  • The.Elder.Scrolls.V.Skyrim.Special.Edition.Language.Pack-PLAZA
    Oct 28, 2016 PLAZA 10322 MB

  • The.Elder.Scrolls.V.Skyrim.Special.Edition.GERMAN-0x0007
    Oct 28, 2016 0x0007 12201 MB

  • The.Elder.Scrolls.V.Skyrim.Special.Edition-RELOADED
    Oct 28, 2016 RELOADED 10480 MB

  • The.Elder.Scrolls.V.Skyrim.Special.Edition-CODEX
    Oct 28, 2016 CODEX 10410 MB

  • The.Elder.Scrolls.V.Skyrim.Legendary.Edition.MULTi8-PROPHET
    Jan 11, 2014 PROPHET 24710 MB

  • The.Elder.Scrolls.V.Skyrim.Legendary.Edition-WaLMaRT
    Jun 07, 2013 WaLMaRT 11351 MB

  • The_Elder_Scrolls_V_Skyrim_GERMAN_Update_v1.
    Mar 27, 2013 GNSDOX 160 MB

  • The.Elder.Scrolls.V.Skyrim.Update.13-RELOADED
    Mar 23, 2013 RELOADED 162 MB

  • The.Elder.Scrolls.V.Skyrim.Update.12-RELOADED
    Mar 19, 2013 RELOADED 150 MB

  • The.Elder.Scrolls.V.Skyrim.High.Resolution.Texture.Pack.Update-BAT
    Feb 07, 2013 BAT 4394 MB

  • The.Elder.Scrolls.V.Skyrim.Install.Fix-RELOADED
    Feb 06, 2013 RELOADED 1 MB

  • The.Elder.Scrolls.V.Skyrim.Dragonborn.Addon.German-0x0007
    Feb 06, 2013 0x0007 3286 MB

  • The.Elder.Scrolls.V.Skyrim.Dragonborn.Addon.DLC-RELOADED
    Feb 05, 2013 RELOADED 1150 MB

  • The.Elder.Scrolls.V.Skyrim.Update.11-RELOADED
    Nov 02, 2012 RELOADED 130 MB

  • The.Elder.Scrolls.V.Skyrim.Hearthfire.DLC-RELOADED
    Oct 05, 2012 RELOADED 63 MB

  • The.Elder.Scrolls.V.Skyrim.Hearthfire.DLC.GERMAN-0x0007
    Oct 05, 2012 0x0007 72 MB

  • The.Elder.Scrolls.V.Skyrim.Dawnguard.DLC.GERMAN-0x0007
    Sep 22, 2012 0x0007 703 MB

  • The.Elder.Scrolls.V.Skyrim.Update.10.Incl.Dawnguard.DLC-HI2U
    Sep 16, 2012 HI2U 715 MB

  • The.Elder.Scrolls.V.Skyrim.v1.
    Sep 10, 2012 0x0007 151 MB

  • The.Elder.Scrolls.V.Skyrim.Update.9-RELOADED
    Jun 19, 2012 RELOADED 140 MB

  • The_Elder_Scrolls_V_Skyrim_GERMAN_Update_v1.
    Jun 16, 2012 GNSDOX 163 MB


The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Special Edition Steam

CRACKED after 0 day!
  • Arosha : how is the cracking going on this game. im not capable to buy this game and wait for crack..
  • ondrejmarsalek : Hello. When will it download Titanfall 2 from the cpy can well cracked? Denuvo would have worked enough always cracked from crack and drop off no longer online could return to download?
  • heidar30 : i hope we can get a singleplayer crack for this soon
  • Iswar47 : And it has a single player campaign which can be played offline
  • Iswar47 : Denuvo has been removed crack this cpy this is ur chance
  • jellymight123 : this game doesnt have online only
  • LokeshSharma : Titanfall 1 was online only and had no singleplayer campaign but Titanfall 2 has a singleplayer campaign and can be played offline
  • blackdragon : no multi but single TF2 can be played offline i have seen it
  • Delsana : It was not online only.
  • brendeng55 : This game is worth the buy if you can afford it.
  • Johnnyboc : TF2 can be played offline
  • crackwatch : This game is Online Only so it's unlikely to get cracked.
  • spinakker : extremely unlikely.
  • Parzival : Is it possible to have a crack that lets you play in multi?
  • No NFO yet

Titanfall 2 Denuvo, Origin

Not Yet Cracked
  • FullyZer0 : i really dont understand why this is on the list lmao
  • Blahblah : Waiting for this. but it seems CPY is not interested in this game
  • neutri : CPY => You can forget about that game haha
  • Richard Conway : can't fucking wait
  • No NFO yet

Just Dance 2017 Denuvo

Not Yet Cracked
  • mrghcrackeater : really ?? new crack ??
  • blergh : I absolutely love strategy games like this one lol
  • neutri : I can't stand strategy games like this one lol
  • crackwatch : Cracked on Oct 20, 2016 by CODEX
  • Sid.Meiers.Civilization.VI.Persia.and.Macedon.Civilization.and.Scenario.Pack-RELOADED
    Mar 28, 2017 RELOADED 5922 MB

  • Sid.Meiers.Civilization.VI.Summer.2017.Edition.with.Australia.Scenario.Pack-RELOADED
    Feb 24, 2017 RELOADED 5722 MB

  • Sid.Meiers.Civilization.VI.Linux-ACTiVATED
    Feb 09, 2017 ACTiVATED 9994 MB

  • Sid.Meiers.Civilization.VI.Winter.2016.Edition.with.Vikings.and.Poland.Scenario.Packs-RELOADED
    Dec 21, 2016 RELOADED 5602 MB

  • Sid.Meiers.Civilization.VI.Update.v1.0.0.38-RELOADED
    Nov 18, 2016 RELOADED 2538 MB

  • Sid.Meiers.Civilization.VI.MacOSX-ACTiVATED
    Oct 25, 2016 ACTiVATED 4269 MB

  • Sid.Meiers.Civilization.VI.Proper-RELOADED
    Oct 20, 2016 RELOADED 4943 MB

  • Sid.Meiers.Civilization.VI.Aztec.Civilization.Pack.DLC.Unlocker-CODEX
    Oct 20, 2016 CODEX 1 MB

  • Sid.Meiers.Civilization.VI-CODEX
    Oct 20, 2016 CODEX 5042 MB


Sid Meier’s Civilization VI Steam

CRACKED after 0 day!
  • mickeymushi2609 : The possibility of cracking a multiplayer nowdays is impossible for now, Because Multiplayer Games are using Servers which is monitored by the company... Unless you want to go to jail then crack it urself
  • kevyox : why crack ? this game is for multi solo so bored ! just crack the real solo game
  • Tidus : Thanks CPY
  • Soham : i would love to see FIFA 17 next please.Have been 2 years now i have not been playing FIFA
  • mrghcrackeater : cpy is the real dedsec
  • cptunnamed : single player only, multiplayer based games are rarely cracked to be played even on multiplayer, that requires making the game connected to new main servers besides the original one ( correct me pls if wrong ) the only bf game that was cracked to be played on multiplayer was bf3 ( search bf3 zlo games ). You shouldn't expect to be able to play multiplayer on a cracked game nor trust all those tutorials on YouTube
  • cptunnamed : singleplayer
  • Moon_Dew : I mean can we play this on multiplayer too, or is it just the singleplayer mode that's cracked?
  • Moon_Dew : Multiplayer?
  • pessoadoalem : Big thanks to CONSPIR4CY, also known as cpy, for cracking denuvo games sinceramente the creation of the DRM as análises italiano secret organization
  • nhnsn : Thanks CPY
  • clo1986 : Where is Total War Warhammer for PC?! Lolz
  • cptunnamed : is the singleplayer worth it
  • mrghcrackeater : unbelivable
  • Ankush_cr7_ : now FIFA 17 please
  • Ankush_cr7_ : love you guys
  • Geshundheit : LOVE YOU CPY
  • hartless : aww yiss
  • cptunnamed : there you go
  • Wesley1808 : This game has been cracked by CPY (CONSPIR4CY) on 5-2-2017 (EU).
  • Ali993 : any chance this game be cracked
  • ShooterTin : Same here
  • uberrraptor : I want a crack for that one very bad. I'm not a multiplayer kind of guy so spending $59 just for 8h of campaign is really not worth it!
  • Battlefield.1.SETUP.FiX-SAFTPRESSE
    Feb 06, 2017 SAFTPRESSE 1 RAR

  • Battlefield.1.REPACK-CPY
    Feb 05, 2017 CPY 39755 MB

  • Battlefield.1-CPY
    Feb 05, 2017 CPY 39755 MB


Battlefield 1 Denuvo, Origin

CRACKED after 107 days!
  • Schwarzweiss : DRM is for pussy devs
  • hartless : the devs for this game is awesome. they didnt even put any drm for this game
  • crackwatch : Cracked on Oct 13, 2016 by CODEX
  • Shadow.Warrior.2.Bounty.Hunt.DLC.Part.1-SKIDROW
    Mar 24, 2017 SKIDROW 13702 MB

  • Shadow.Warrior.2.Update.v1.1.9.0-CODEX
    Mar 06, 2017 CODEX 446 MB

  • Shadow.Warrior.2.Update.v1.1.7.0.incl.DLC-CODEX
    Jan 12, 2017 CODEX 684 MB

  • Shadow.Warrior.2.Update.v1.1.5.0-CODEX
    Nov 17, 2016 CODEX 555 MB

  • Shadow.Warrior.2.Update.v1.1.4.0-CODEX
    Oct 27, 2016 CODEX 188 MB

  • Shadow.Warrior.2.Update.v1.1.3.0-CODEX
    Oct 25, 2016 CODEX 170 MB

  • Shadow.Warrior.2-CODEX
    Oct 13, 2016 CODEX 14248 MB


Shadow Warrior 2 Steam

CRACKED after 0 day!
  • ondrejmarsalek : Hello. Gears of War 4 I want to download from cpy i should after denuvo who cracked sometimes will be going to download? Do you think UWP is only online for a protected game? Where to buy not available on PC HRA box is nothing to see.
  • amir8638 : please crack cpy
  • jellymight123 : please cpy do your magic on this one!
  • SkywalkerZZZ : this one's not gonna happen either
  • Ali993 : please crack this game
  • LokeshSharma : I wish someone crack UWP games too
  • shamacord : nothin
  • jenangsuro : @parzival , Yup. They release triple pack ultimate edition 1 one year ago for PC.
  • Parzival : Are the first 3 also available on PC?
  • uberrraptor : Is it out yet?
  • No NFO yet

Gears of War 4 UWP

Not Yet Cracked
  • neutri : Thanks for the crack but this game sucks!
  • crackwatch : Cracked on Oct 07, 2016 by CODEX
  • Mafia.III.Faster.Baby-RELOADED
    Mar 28, 2017 RELOADED 45219 MB

  • Mafia.III.Racing.Update.v20161221-RELOADED
    Dec 21, 2016 RELOADED 11534 MB

  • Mafia.III.Update.v20161109-RELOADED
    Nov 11, 2016 RELOADED 4862 MB

    Oct 29, 2016 DARKSiDERS 1 RAR

    Oct 29, 2016 DARKSiDERS 1 RAR

  • Mafia.III.Update.v1.01.Hotfix-RELOADED
    Oct 16, 2016 RELOADED 3488 MB

  • Mafia.III.DLC.Unlocker-BAT
    Oct 12, 2016 BAT 30 MB

  • Mafia.III.Proper-RELOADED
    Oct 10, 2016 RELOADED 41469 MB

  • Mafia.III.Update.v1.01-CODEX
    Oct 09, 2016 CODEX 578 MB

  • Mafia.III-CODEX
    Oct 07, 2016 CODEX 41567 MB


Mafia III Arxan, Steam

CRACKED after 0 day!
  • crackwatch : Cracked on Sep 29, 2015 by CODEX
  • Might.and.Magic.Heroes.VII.Update.v1.8-CODEX
    Apr 21, 2016 CODEX 5110 MB

  • Might.and.Magic.Heroes.VII.Update.v1.7-CODEX
    Feb 19, 2016 CODEX 633 MB

  • Might.and.Magic.Heroes.VII.Update.v1.6-CODEX
    Dec 08, 2015 CODEX 427 MB

  • Might.and.Magic.Heroes.VII.Update.v1.5-CODEX
    Nov 22, 2015 CODEX 605 MB

  • Might.and.Magic.Heroes.VII.Update.v1.4-BAT
    Nov 05, 2015 BAT 859 MB

  • Might.and.Magic.Heroes.VII.Update.v1.3.1-CODEX
    Oct 30, 2015 CODEX 65 MB

  • Might.and.Magic.Heroes.VII.Update.v1.3-BAT
    Oct 27, 2015 BAT 1049 MB

  • Might.and.Magic.Heroes.VII.Update.v1.2-CODEX
    Oct 14, 2015 CODEX 493 MB

  • Might.and.Magic.Heroes.VII.Hotfix-CODEX
    Oct 04, 2015 CODEX 301 MB

  • Might.and.Magic.Heroes.VII.MULTi10-PLAZA
    Sep 30, 2015 PLAZA 11605 MB

  • Might.and.Magic.Heroes.VII-CODEX
    Sep 29, 2015 CODEX 10200 MB


Might & Magic: Heroes VII Uplay

CRACKED after 0 day!
  • Marecar : CPY, please crack this game!
  • RKCREW : next cpy new hint plz
  • unique : Is The "3DMCrack" working ?
  • gadtw : how much time we have to wait ?
  • idhem_dbj : we need it maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan
  • Ankush_cr7_ : plz CPY
  • bdzifa : Please crack fifa 17
  • WSG777 : please crack this game
  • DrCornwallis : Pfft. Don't bother wasting the energy on this cack. Utterly boring as fuck tragic football game, especially so in offline mode, which is all someone with a hacked copy will be able to play anyhow. I bought this for 17 quid in the Origin sale. Thank god I never paid full price for this shit. I would be feeling totally mugged if I had.
  • fif : i miss playing manager mode have been playing demo for 3-4 months now :(
  • Hanzyusuf : btw. tried the mkdev crack, got rpct4.dll error.....added the game to geforce experience and launched from there, then got ea error of 'origin not installed'...this problem had been fixed in previous versions of fifa by 3DM....u can also fix 7 gtx 750 ti
  • Hanzyusuf : please crack guys! you are the only ones...
  • Pandian : Please crack this game..#cpy we know u can crack🙏...hope this is ur next game in denuvo crack list😛😜💪💪
  • Rumple11 : cpy we are waiting for you!
  • Soham : plese crack it as soon as possible.Most of the games lag on my low spec PC,but saw a video on youtube.The guy had similar specs to me and got 25 FPS and also i love the FIFA franchise.Last great game which ran on my PC withou lag was Phantom Pain and GTA V.I also have Resident Evil 7 on my computer and it too lags very little.But i am scared to shit to play that game.So please crack this game ASAP.Not on order,just a request.CPY has done many things for the society,it is not that i will get angry if they dont crack it but i will be super pleased if they carck it.
  • crackwatch : You can still see that using the "list display mode" in the upper right corner
  • nhnsn : hey guys of crackwatch, i wanna say I like both themes, but the older one gave more information! Like game release and crack release.
  • fifawait : CPY please crack this game for us <# : froma country where you have to spend half months pay to buy this game and still download 30Gbs in a extremely slow internet connection
  • Marecar : After Watch Dogs 2, FIFA 17 will maybe be a next game from CPY
  • haz100 : please crack .... such a epic game
  • joechacko : it dosent work on win 10, i7 6700HQ
  • Roby69 : Check MKDEV crack!!
  • wk7 : please crack fifa 17 cpy it is worthed
  • No NFO yet

FIFA 17 Denuvo

Not Yet Cracked
  • YouLose 66 : this DEV build, is a privat build of a game with Console, so you can do what ever the DEV's can do. this was a big fault. so the actual game build can't be cracked maybe bypass'd but u can thing this can be long.
  • YouLose 66 : the Bypass is by the fault of Microsoft, or Playground Games, tey release a DEV build, so OPUSDEV, google it Opus/DEV synonym.
  • YouLose 66 : guys, this game is bypass'd. there is no crack, even when the Game will released on Steam they can be a crack but this will never happens
  • mertdt : where is the new torrentfile?
  • mrghcrackeater : is this shadoweagle's crack permanent ??
  • nero : cpy we need your crack
  • nero : cpy new crack
  • tamer150183 : this gaims is cracked download it from extratorrent and its work 10/10
  • LokeshSharma : Downloading this game sucks, I have downloaded 2 times whole 53
  • SkywalkerZZZ : About my last comment...
  • SkywalkerZZZ : shows that you can't crack racing games
  • LokeshSharma : no UWP game can be cracked they can only be bypassed
  • LokeshSharma : Yeah bypassed for 14393 version too by Opusdev
  • Raxul : is it a proper crack? never heard of opusdev before
  • Soham : It has been cracked!
  • CapsLuke : cracked by opusdev.
  • LokeshSharma : Forza Horizon 3 can be bypass on Windows 10 v14936 only But there is another solution to play it on v14393 where you'll need to download its demo version first then some steps and boom.
  • lanc3lot : It's bypassed for a specific Windows version only. It's madness to install that version only to play this game, hope will be cracked properly soon
  • Le_Dmon : Denuvo win for forza ? :'(
  • mujiwara : If the crack is already you can download it from *********com
  • Le_Dmon : crack pls :(
  • smothdude : If only it was on steam, would be more popular and I could buy it as well. Bypass no work for me sadly :( Hopefully with the new unencrypted files we see something.
  • neutri : yes it works but only on some specific versions of windows 10. I prefer to wait for the full crack.
  • muhammadshoaib : IH bypassed method realy works, does anyone tested?
  • jenangsuro : just search at . Git gud
  • OziiX : Thanks!
  • Lorent : Cand someone help me to bypass this game , Please ? my email is [email protected] . Please i want to play this game
  • Timo654 : QB got on Steam. This is published by MS so i doubt it'll appear on Steam.
  • Timo654 : yes
  • Timo654 : he didnt bypass it though, he only used an existing method.
  • Timo654 : actually demo bypass is now out, works on every version.
  • Timo654 : yep. there is both IH and Demo bypass.
  • joechacko : i hope if it is properly cracked like quantum break. and is it so hard to crack uwp protection?
  • joechacko : does it work on every win 10 versions??
  • FingerMove : bypassed and playable on every Windows 10 version
  • MrRobot : It's based off the demo release and works fine on 14393, been playing it for weeks! Release is named Forza.Horizon.3.Bypass.Edition.MULTi20-x.X.RIDDICK.X.x
  • joechacko : yeah its bypassed. but it will only work on 14936 version of Windows 10.
  • LukeyWolf : Type in "Forza Horizon 3 csrinru" you'll find it has been bypassed there
  • crackwatch : Bypassed by who? I don't see it on torrent websites.
  • Aleem Iqbal : Its bypassed and working
  • Forza.Horizon.3.v1.0.99.2.MULTi20-ShadowEagle
    Mar 06, 2017 ShadowEagle 58163 MB


Forza Horizon 3 UWP

CRACKED after 160 days!
  • Steel : Pleaseeee
  • Steel : Please crack CPY
  • KuramaMr : Bypass Bêta
  • faraday : please crack Recore!!
  • jellymight123 : please crack this one as well! thank you
  • No NFO yet


Not Yet Cracked
  • No comment yet
  • Pro.Evolution.Soccer.2017.CRACKFIX-CPY
    Oct 28, 2016 CPY 1 MB

  • Pro.Evolution.Soccer.2017-CPY
    Oct 27, 2016 CPY 9885 MB


Pro Evolution Soccer 2017 Denuvo

CRACKED after 44 days!
  • Marecar : New hint from CPY: We'd love to see the Winchesters in this situation
  • hartless : anyone know if cpy dropped a hint for next crack?
  • waterlemon : no multiplayer crack
  • Marecar : FIFA 17 next please!
  • Jomblo : only ressurection cracked atm (10/01/17)
  • Jomblo : god eater rage burst not cracked yet.
  • RedKing : Cpy or 3dm or bypass
  • RedKing : Who Can Cracked This Game?
  • RedKing : cpy not realese crack for god eater 2 rb
  • joechacko : yes ,CPY cracked it
  • joechacko : OK
  • crackwatch : Done, added God Eater Resurrection, but I didn't add Yesterday Origins because it's not a AAA game ;)
  • joechacko : please add GOD EATER RESURRECTION into cracked games, aslo YESTERDAY ORGINS,its also been cracked
  • joechacko : GOD EATER RESURRECTION has been cracked.
  • Tyler : Didnt CPY crack this?
  • God.Eater.2.Rage.Burst-CPY
    Jan 22, 2017 CPY 12583 MB


God Eater 2: Rage Burst Denuvo

CRACKED after 146 days!
  • Tidus : Perfect thanks CPY ^ ^
  • neutri : Thank you CPY for this christmas present :)
  • crackwatch : Cracked on Dec 25, 2016 by CPY
  • Champions.of.Anteria.MULTi6-PLAZA
    Dec 25, 2016 PLAZA 9103 MB

  • Champions.Of.Anteria-CPY
    Dec 25, 2016 CPY 9147 MB


Champions of Anteria Denuvo

CRACKED after 117 days!
  • XABIER3000 : Come on, please
  • maxim7w : I wasted my time downloading 4 GB to find a patched crack.. damn
  • konrad50024 : please release we all know its cracked just not released
  • moonacre : still not cracked it seems sadly........
  • Heishi_99 : Please crack this game goddamn it.
  • getaway213 : saf
  • Imalolman8 : Please crack this game i really wanna play it.
  • neutri : I can't say if people are being serious about that game being awesome or sarcastic lol
  • BlackWatch420 : Best game of all time
  • FaZeBasescu : Fair enough...
  • MyDaddyChokesMe : Someone please crack this game because it is awesome! Its much better than your fancy shit dogs 2 and shithonored 2
  • No NFO yet

Fernbus Simulator Denuvo

Not Yet Cracked
  • ayylienboi : upgrade cpu
  • Alex0826 : FX9590, 8gb RAM, GTX 1080 FE, x4 SSD's RAID0 win 10... Most other games run fine in 4k res. This game runs like ass, slow and glitchy! Poor crack or crappy coding/programming??? For sure, a patch is needed...
  • Cenncroithi : Thanks for cracking this, very appreciated!!!
  • killyourpepe : Deus.Ex.Mankind.Divided.A.Criminal.Past.DLC.FIX-SKIDROW - NUKED Deus.Ex.Mankind.Divided.A.Criminal.Past-SKIDROW - NUKED
  • neutri : This was the best game of 2016 !!!
  • crackwatch : Cracked on Nov 10, 2016 by Razor1911 on Linux, then on Windows on Novemeber 23, 2016 by CPY
  • Parzival : omg omg omg I've been waiting for this since day 1! Thank you CPY!
  • crackwatch : Finally cracked by CPY today!
  • Deus.Ex.Mankind.Divided.A.Criminal.Past.CRACKFIX-SKIDROW
    Mar 09, 2017 SKIDROW 94 MB

  • Deus.Ex.Mankind.Divided.A.Criminal.Past.DLC.FIX-SKIDROW
    Mar 03, 2017 SKIDROW 94 MB

  • Deus.Ex.Mankind.Divided.A.Criminal.Past-SKIDROW
    Mar 02, 2017 SKIDROW 46927 MB

  • Deus.Ex.Mankind.Divided-CPY
    Nov 23, 2016 CPY 46900 MB

  • Deus_Ex_Mankind_Divided_DLC_Linux-Razor1911
    Nov 21, 2016 Razor1911 27462 MB

  • Deus_Ex_Mankind_Divided_Linux-Razor1911
    Nov 10, 2016 Razor1911 34118 MB


Deus Ex: Mankind Divided Denuvo

CRACKED after 79 days!
  • AziralKMG : Come onn guys F1 2017 is on the way
  • xByYeRai : crack plzz
  • XjuanbyX : Crack this game pls!!
  • vlemos : would like to test it before buying it... crack pls
  • anenna : Still nothing?
  • LokeshSharma : Don't be hasty to crack this. It is not worth to be in priority of Denuvo crack list.
  • chief : agreed
  • hp medwiaka : crack plzzz
  • No NFO yet

F1 2016 Denuvo

Not Yet Cracked
  • kdjgowehaldi : Faster, please!!
  • Schwarzweiss : RIP your hope
  • VoksiTickle : Coming to Windows 10 store soon. So hopefully will be bypassed.
  • No NFO yet

ABZU Denuvo

Not Yet Cracked
  • neutri : This game is a lot of fun, I actually bought it after finishing it ^^
  • crackwatch : Cracked on Aug 23, 2016 by CONSPIR4CY (CPY)
  • INSIDE.Update.v20161123-PLAZA
    Nov 23, 2016 PLAZA 101 MB

  • Inside-CONSPIR4CY
    Aug 23, 2016 CONSPIR4CY 1219 MB


Inside Denuvo

CRACKED after 47 days!
  • infuse : ppl need to chill out abit, some games are harder to crack than others, just look at JC3 - 456 days. so just chill out smoke some weed and wait
  • Rixy1994 : CPY you are the best. Thank you!
  • LokeshSharma : Thanks a lot CPY
  • chxikva : THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!
  • SkywalkerZZZ : So, shut up and be grateful to them
  • SkywalkerZZZ : They've got nothing to gain from this, and yet they do it
  • SkywalkerZZZ : Hey! They are cracking games, aren't they?
  • kobra10000 : oh ty
  • pessoadoalem : fuk mark3000:
  • Eun : Fuck off mark
  • mark300 : Fack you CPY,you are big moron.Crack Deshonored 2,focus on biggggggg gamessss!!!!!!
  • lukatino : aeee bozebooo sherloki mogtynavt trakshiiiii
  • arisnuqman : crack HITMAN for windows pleasee
  • GamesBOND : Cracked by CPY on 28 Feb 2017
  • jellymight123 : why is this one not cracked yet?
  • Rixy1994 : Please crack it, it must be awesome, I love this series
  • chxikva : crack it please
  • Sherlock.Holmes.The.Devils.Daughter.CRACKFIX-CPY
    Feb 28, 2017 CPY 5 MB

  • Sherlock.Holmes.The.Devils.Daughter-CPY
    Feb 28, 2017 CPY 11883 MB


Sherlock Holmes: The Devil’s Daughter Denuvo

CRACKED after 262 days!
  • crackwatch : Cracked on Oct 02, 2016 by CPY
  • Sarkames : It's not bad, just not as good as the original in terms of story. The graphics are great and the mechanics feel the same, but the hand-holding through the story and the point A to point B system of progression really tired me out. Linear works better for a game like this, I'm afraid.
  • OziiX : It is not that bad guys. It's good.
  • Sarkeh : Played this for a couple hours to see if it was as bad as everyone made it sound -- at least, compared to the original and I absolutely loved that game.. Gameplay-wise it's the same deal, but story-wise I want to hang myself. Torrent works fine aside from the occasional hiccup that completely freezes the game every now and then. May or not be a personal issue, but I figure I'd note it either way.
  • Mirrors.Edge.Catalyst-CPY
    Oct 02, 2016 CPY 20026 MB


Mirror’s Edge Catalyst Denuvo

CRACKED after 117 days!
  • NerZahull : is CPY ever gonna try to crack this to windows??
  • sandman78 : pls tell when on windows :D
  • tudor1595 : warhammer 2 announced and still this is not cracked:(
  • sandman78 : when there will be cracked for windows?
  • DominionZA : i hope they still battle through it
  • DominionZA : waiting for this crap since release and i really want it badly
  • DominionZA : 6 April 2017, crack?
  • WonkaJD : is it cracked yet?
  • denuvogaming : where's the crack for windows?
  • Raul : If someone really wants to play it badly, remember, linux is free
  • djuro : i cant belive that this game is not yet cracked
  • pureskunk : is there a team working on it ?
  • Alcorlin : I need this crack :C
  • tomatenhasser : status ?
  • crackwatch : Done :)
  • LokeshSharma : Set this to cracked for linux only
  • Moon_Dew : It will be cracked when CPY gets to it, seeing as they seem to be the only ones with the skill and courage to tackle Denuvo.
  • djuro : when will it be cracked
  • LokeshSharma : This game is not cracked on Windows version. It was cracked/bypassed on Linux version.
  • djuro : crack update please
  • Ubba : Yeah, pls, this is not cracked for windows and I want it bad :(
  • clo1986 : Could you guys move this to “Not Yet Cracked” because currently it is only on Linux, and not on PC.
  • tudor1595 : Hello, anyone tested it in a Virtual Machine?
  • Delsana : It's going to have so much additional DLC that who knows when it will actually be ready to be cracked all at once.
  • DrosalCross : how long i need to wait for pc crack kurwa :(
  • Nielsojo : Are there any indications on when the game will be cracked for Windows?
  • crackwatch : It's only on Linux so far. Still waiting for the crack on Windows.
  • Moon_Dew : Cracked for PC, or just Linux?
  • marcelian112 : linux version does not have denuvo-
  • crackwatch : Cracked on Nov 28, 2016 by Razor1911 on Linux ONLY for now. The crack for windows should follow soon.
  • daveduke : But it IS available on Linux. Why you dont mention this?
  • smilod0n : The only denuvo game that I (don't own and) want to be cracked. :/
  • Total_War_WARHAMMER_Linux_Crackfix-Razor1911
    Nov 30, 2016 Razor1911 25 MB

  • Total_War_WARHAMMER_Linux-Razor1911
    Nov 28, 2016 Razor1911 11796 MB


Total War Warhammer LINUX Only

CRACKED after 188 days!
  • ondrejmarsalek : Hello. Homefront The Revolution was cracknuto but unfortunately at that very severely hacked the servers have been cracking cracks on the last warning has also been about hackers or pirates problémých not and will never CPY. Only online to decide its owner to his owner Denuvo that I had not guessed he would not watch a lot with a pirate! I have purchased DVD Homefront The Revolution after the purchase we STEAM who have purchased, the owner codes. Then I was downloaded to another game I tried to play only Homefront: The Revolution - (RUS | ENG) [repack] would SEYTER (2016) - I was watching will have to work to respond well. After finishing play long play hurray before one month. WARNING who Plaza is not good but it will not work no play is not never shit. CPY has not waiting Powder denuvo.! Hi!
  • brianelsnow : \(n.n)/
  • the flader : nvhgghmmg
  • mrghcrackeater : sometimes its hard to read the protection in the new theme, it will be nice of you if you resolve this problem tnx
  • crackwatch : done :)
  • LokeshSharma : Cuz Denuvo was remoed
  • LokeshSharma : Change this game's protection to Steam
  • Antitamper : Plaza don't cracked Denuvo it was removed by the Developers itself xD
  • cptunnamed : Zelce cpy didnt crack this, it was plaza, and be patient, these guys are bringing you free games.
  • ZeIceColdJasko : no not this. come on cpy crack dishonored 2. The story of Homefront: The Revolution is nothing more than a string of forgettable mission objectives. All of Homefront: The Revolution’s elements feel repetitive, unpolished, or downright unnecessary. Over the length of its campaign it fails to deliver a satisfying - or even fully functional - shooter experience.
  • h2jie : PLAZA
  • joechacko : the dev has removed the denuvo. the latest version do not hav denuvo. just a steam protection
  • Naveen29 : it is something unexpected.a denuvo crack by plaza
  • Kake Singh : first cpy second skidrow
  • LokeshSharma : This is odd. Cracked by PLAZA. Since when plaza began to crack Denuvo.
  • Muchar : plz give the cpy crack for this game
  • LokeshSharma : This one should be cracked
  • mickeymushi2609 : CPY!!
  • Homefront.The.Revolution.Beyond.the.Walls.DLC-PLAZA
    Mar 08, 2017 PLAZA 7437 MB

  • Homefront.The.Revolution-PLAZA
    Mar 06, 2017 PLAZA 58767 MB


Homefront: The Revolution Steam

CRACKED after 293 days!
  • crackwatch : Yeah indeed Denuvo has been removed since then.
  • crackwatch : Cracked on Sep 07, 2016 by CPY
  • SlyxR : Please refresh the protection Informationen, The Developer removed Denuvo from game
    Dec 08, 2016 PLAZA 22661 MB

  • Doom-CPY
    Sep 07, 2016 CPY 55887 MB


DOOM Denuvo

CRACKED after 117 days!
  • YouLose 66 : Game is official cracked, by REVOLT.
  • LokeshSharma : This game is online only but still there is a online fix at revolt site to play online
  • marcelian : arxan not cracked for 8 months???
  • No NFO yet

Battleborn Arxan

Not Yet Cracked
  • HarleyQuin : When is only the dlc available? If i download the game, I will lose all my saved profiles or does anyone know how to fix this? to bring the old saves to the new one. please asnwer.
  • crackwatch : thanks. updated!
  • 123465459874 : The game was cracked by CODEX.
  • Dark.Souls.III.The.Ringed.City.Update.v1.13-CODEX
    Apr 12, 2017 CODEX 270 MB

  • Dark.Souls.III.The.Ringed.City-CODEX
    Mar 27, 2017 CODEX 25065 MB

  • Dark.Souls.III.Update.v1.09-CODEX
    Nov 24, 2016 CODEX 160 MB

  • Dark.Souls.III.Ashes.of.Ariandel.DLC-CODEX
    Oct 24, 2016 CODEX 1717 MB

  • Dark.Souls.III.Update.v1.08-CODEX
    Oct 21, 2016 CODEX 1851 MB

  • Dark.Souls.III.Update.v1.07-CODEX
    Aug 25, 2016 CODEX 165 MB

  • Dark.Souls.III.Update.v1.06-CODEX
    Jul 19, 2016 CODEX 150 MB

  • Dark.Souls.III.Update.v1.05.Regulations.v1.08-CODEX
    Jun 10, 2016 CODEX 195 MB

  • Dark.Souls.III.Update.v1.05-CODEX
    May 03, 2016 CODEX 287 MB

  • Dark.Souls.III.Update.v1.04-CODEX
    Apr 28, 2016 CODEX 165 MB

  • Dark.Souls.III.Update.v1.03.1-CODEX
    Apr 18, 2016 CODEX 147 MB

  • Dark.Souls.III.Network.Fix-CODEX
    Apr 11, 2016 CODEX 1 RAR

  • Dark.Souls.III-CODEX
    Apr 11, 2016 CODEX 18312 MB


Dark Souls III Steam

CRACKED after 0 day!
  • crackwatch : Cracked on Sep 29, 2016 by SKIDROW
  • Napoleonism : Original UWP crack is by Disyer.
  • Quantum.Break.v1.0.126.0307.Update.REPACK-SKIDROW
    Oct 25, 2016 SKIDROW 556 MB

  • Quantum.Break.v1.0.126.0307.Update-SKIDROW
    Oct 25, 2016 SKIDROW 555 MB

  • Quantum.Break.Update.1-SKIDROW
    Oct 23, 2016 SKIDROW 328 MB

  • Quantum.Break.COMPLETE-CODEX
    Oct 19, 2016 CODEX 102668 MB

    Sep 30, 2016 SKIDROW 1 NFO

  • Quantum.Break-SKIDROW
    Sep 29, 2016 SKIDROW 43678 MB


Quantum Break Steam, UWP

CRACKED after 177 days!
  • jellymight123 : plz crack
  • Coffee : It is and is not.
  • neutri : That's a VR game, right?
  • No NFO yet

ADR1FT Denuvo

Not Yet Cracked
  • Soham : FIFA 17 next please.
  • Tiberius : Hail God-Emperor CPY!
  • Luke : crackwatch really nice idea for a site man btw. i wanted to report a bug, remember me option does not work, at least for me. i purchased this game a week ago lol bad luck. hope more people hear about this site. really good job
  • crackwatch : Yes, there is a new windows crack by CPY, click "NFO" to see more details. You can also subscribe to the free email notifications and mobile push notifications to get alerted instantly when a new crack is released.
  • Raul : Linux is free, just boot it from a USB
  • fernanwings : is there new release from CPY?
  • Jack Zak : Thanks CPY
  • ofekifargan : THANKS!
  • Ankush_cr7_ : you guys are on a roll, Great job
  • Kake Singh : Great work Thnx CPY
  • ofekifargan : I hope they will release this game asap
  • majed90 : crack will be released end of this month,dont worry
  • Jack Zak : Please 'crackwatch' Know us for When Release Date for Crack this Game?
  • Luke : Please someone answer so i can know if i purchase the game on psn or not its half discount PLEASE!!!
  • Luke : please someone answer his question, i just cannot wait and i can't believe the only game i wished for with great replayability is cracked only for linux and not for windows i have never seen this before
  • Jack Zak : How many Days for waiting crack this Game?
  • Jack Zak : please cpy hear us and crack this game for windows. focus on important games please.
  • Luke : please cpy hear us and crack this game for windows. focus on important games please.
  • JoeDalton : So the crack is only for linux :/??
  • CyberPunk777 : Let's hope that CPY will end up cracking this one as well
  • Jack Zak : when release date for crack this Game?
  • blackdragon : plz make patch or crack for windows plzzzzzzzzzzzzz
  • SkywalkerZZZ : I think you meant, "Better late than never"
  • LokeshSharma : Better late than dead
  • nhnsn : install linux you dumbs, and thanks activated
  • mrghcrackeater : really guys , do you think cpy is still alive ?
  • Jack Zak : How to long will it takes?
  • arisnuqman : yeah how long will it takes?
  • Muchar : any idea how long this will take
  • Kake Singh : plz crack for windows cpy
  • Muchar : plz give the crack for windows
  • testingame : not cracked for windows?
  • arisnuqman : they managed to cracked ROTTR and its from square enix same as Hitman?
  • arisnuqman : maybe we should try it. nothing is impossible
  • SkywalkerZZZ : I mean, if that'd have been the case, then the pirates would have gone nuts!!
  • SkywalkerZZZ : are you kidding me?!
  • arisnuqman : i saw on reddit some guy used ROTTR crack on HITMAN and it works. Can you guys confirm this?
  • arisnuqman : sorry for that
  • arisnuqman : false alarm. its not a windows version. its linux version but repacked 29GB like that
  • SkywalkerZZZ : Plus, if there was anything like this, don't you think that CrackWatch'd have updated the 'Linux only' status of this game?
  • SkywalkerZZZ : skitter?
  • arisnuqman : guys i found out there's a repack version of this game and it said repack by skitter and its for windows
  • sinisterlive : Well it´s not very hard to install Linux alongside windows, soo maybe try that just like magatron says :)
  • SkywalkerZZZ : No offense, but don't you think that the status should be negative until it's cracked for pc?
  • SkywalkerZZZ : wow....
  • crackwatch : Done, now written as Linux only ;)
  • LokeshSharma : Either remove denuvo word from description or set it to not yet cracked
  • Faysal2.0 : please
  • Faysal2.0 : of a torrent website
  • megatron : google ;)
  • Faysal2.0 : like give me a name
  • megatron : it is forbidden to post links here but you can easily find it on any torrent website
  • Faysal2.0 : where do i download
  • megatron : yeah I just installed linux on my machine with dual boot and it works very well. The game is awesome! Install linux guys, it's really worth it!
  • crackwatch : The game has been cracked for Linux only, read the NFO ;)
  • Faysal2.0 : is this really cracked or is this an error
  • LokeshSharma : DEnuvo is not cracked for Hitman Windows
  • Faysal2.0 : can i get the download link pls
  • SkywalkerZZZ : either that, or crack it already!
  • SkywalkerZZZ : CHANGE IT TO 'Not Yet Cracked'.
  • SkywalkerZZZ : And not for windows
  • SkywalkerZZZ : It has been cracked.
  • LokeshSharma : change Hitman's Crack status to uncracked ASAP. cuz It's not cracked
  • SkywalkerZZZ : .... Really??
  • mickeymushi2609 : Wait for CPY to crack , this crack is for linux user only because it's ez to crack denuvo from linux
  • LokeshSharma : Denuvo is not cracked or Windows
  • LokeshSharma : Don't show cracked here if the game is not cracked for Windows
  • Jack Zak : When the release date for crack this game?
  • SkywalkerZZZ : shows that you can't do shit to games from IO
  • LokeshSharma : This game is not online only anymore
  • blackdragon : lies this game can be played offline there be a crack plzz
  • SkywalkerZZZ : PLEASE
  • SkywalkerZZZ : the complete first season is out now.
  • Delsana : It's not really online only, there's a console compilation coming out.
  • crackwatch : This game is Online Only so it's unlikely to get cracked.
  • crackwatch : Nope, that was an error, ot's fixed now ;)
  • majk838 : really cracked on 2002??
  • Hitman.REPACK-CPY
    Mar 17, 2017 CPY 42738 MB

  • Hitman-CPY
    Mar 15, 2017 CPY 42326 MB

    Feb 19, 2017 ACTiVATED 24080 MB


Hitman Denuvo

CRACKED after 111 days!
  • rehankhan788 : crack??????????????
  • Shi Xuan : tunngle may solve the problem of online cracked games
  • amir8638 : please crack this game
  • eldryc66 : Fuck.
  • Gaudas : NOTE: THIS GAME IS ONLY ONLINE, if you want to play it buy it. Possible to crack but you cant play game.
  • jellymight123 : this game isnt online only, you can play it in singleplayer, please crack
  • LokeshSharma : This game is online only
  • Ali993 : please crack this game
  • blackdragon : please guys crack this game. can't wait do the same thing as the nfs if u can
  • Ali993 : please guys crack this game. can't wait
  • No NFO yet

Tom Clancy’s The Division Denuvo

Not Yet Cracked
  • Craps : where can i get it and how
  • Tidus : Thanks CPY very good game.
  • cantstopthispro : good game
  • Eun : There is a cpy webpage but it is fake and will fuck your pc up
  • Eun : Wingear, CPY does not have a site page
  • Wingear : Ok, but what is the CPYs site address?
  • galocego : go pirate bay top 100 games 48hours
  • Wingear : Who can say me CPY`s site?
  • Wingear : Where we can ddownload it?
  • filiblox : Good job cpy. Awesome work.
  • motel266 : awesome!
  • RobakR : YAY!! (づ。◕‿‿◕。)づ
  • nhnsn : was it really cracked?
  • crackwatch : Crack released by CPY on January 8th by CPY!
  • cybergshark : is someone trying to crack this game?
  • Jtwizzle : Worth the wait?!
  • coralie : will it be a year?
  • lephleg : Cant wait... :(
  • Far.Cry.Primal.HD.Texture.Pack-PLAZA
    Jan 08, 2017 PLAZA 3043 MB

  • Far.Cry.Primal-CPY
    Jan 08, 2017 CPY 14527 MB


Far Cry Primal Denuvo

CRACKED after 312 days!
  • amir8638 : please crack this game
  • KING19903 : when u r goona crack this ?
  • blackdragon : wheres the crack is it coming soon
  • Ilyas_RetURN : crack MKDEV WORK FINE
  • No NFO yet


Not Yet Cracked
  • neutri : The best game of 2015 !!!
  • crackwatch : Cracked on May 25, 2015 by BAT
  • The.Witcher.3.Wild.Hunt.Game.of.The.Year.Edition.MULTi16-PROPHET
    Sep 02, 2016 PROPHET 68045 MB

  • The.Witcher.3.Wild.Hunt.Game.of.The.Year.Edition-RELOADED
    Sep 01, 2016 RELOADED 41532 MB

  • The.Witcher.3.Wild.Hunt.Blood.and.Wine.Update.v1.22-CODEX
    Jun 19, 2016 CODEX 1433 MB

  • The.Witcher.3.Wild.Hunt.Blood.and.Wine.MULTi15-PROPHET
    Jun 07, 2016 PROPHET 67332 MB

  • The.Witcher.3.Wild.Hunt.Update.v1.21-BAT
    May 31, 2016 BAT 2161 MB

  • The.Witcher.3.Wild.Hunt.Blood.and.Wine-CODEX
    May 30, 2016 CODEX 41144 MB

  • The.Witcher.3.Wild.Hunt.Update.v1.12.1-BAT
    Jan 24, 2016 BAT 483 MB

  • The.Witcher.3.Wild.Hunt.Update.v1.12-BAT
    Jan 12, 2016 BAT 482 MB

  • The.Witcher.3.Wild.Hunt.MULTi15-PLAZA
    Oct 14, 2015 PLAZA 48000 MB

  • The.Witcher.3.Wild.Hunt.Hearts.of.Stone.Expansion.Pack.DLC-BAT
    Oct 12, 2015 BAT 4362 MB

  • The.Witcher.3.Wild.Hunt.Update.v1.10-BAT
    Oct 09, 2015 BAT 10337 MB

  • The.Witcher.3.Wild.Hunt.Update.v1.08.3-BAT
    Aug 27, 2015 BAT 2119 MB

  • The.Witcher.3.Wild.Hunt.DLC.Pack.7-BAT
    Aug 17, 2015 BAT 13 MB

  • The.Witcher.3.Wild.Hunt.Update.v1.08.2-BAT
    Aug 17, 2015 BAT 2120 MB

  • The.Witcher.3.Wild.Hunt.Update.v1.08-BAT
    Aug 08, 2015 BAT 2105 MB

  • The.Witcher.3.Wild.Hunt.DLC.Pack.6-BAT
    Jul 18, 2015 BAT 154 MB

  • The.Witcher.3.Wild.Hunt.Update.v1.07-BAT
    Jul 18, 2015 BAT 2213 MB

  • The.Witcher.3.Wild.Hunt.DLC.Pack.5-BAT
    Jun 24, 2015 BAT 150 MB

  • The.Witcher.3.Wild.Hunt.DLC.Pack.4-BAT
    Jun 17, 2015 BAT 74 MB

  • The.Witcher.3.Wild.Hunt.Update.v1.06-BAT
    Jun 15, 2015 BAT 291 MB

  • The.Witcher.3.Wild.Hunt.DLC.Pack.3-BAT
    Jun 10, 2015 BAT 86 MB

  • The.Witcher.3.Wild.Hunt.Update.v1.05-BAT
    Jun 05, 2015 BAT 286 MB

  • The.Witcher.3.Wild.Hunt.DLC.Pack.2-BAT
    Jun 03, 2015 BAT 45 MB

  • The.Witcher.3.Wild.Hunt.DLC.Pack-BAT
    May 27, 2015 BAT 97 MB

  • The.Witcher.3.Wild.Hunt.Update.v1.04-BAT
    May 25, 2015 BAT 277 MB


The Witcher 3 Steam

CRACKED after 7 days!
  • Antitamper : idk but the game is so buggy it crashe all the time
  • taqimirza2 : Nice one
  • LokeshSharma : Wow 3 games in row cracked
  • mrghcrackeater : next one may be TW warhammer
  • marcelian : awsooommee
  • pessoadoalem : kkkkkkkkkk antes tarde do que nunca!
  • Ankush_cr7_ : yes finally
  • Sh4d0wM3 : They crack it. this game still sucks but wow they realy craack it .. thx CPY !!!!
  • Kake Singh : CPY Hatrrick today Good Work guyz
  • Tiberius : Thank you CPY, you are a GOD
  • Ruba : wout they made it
  • arisnuqman : HITMAN For Windows
  • mrghcrackeater : so cpy is still alive . i just dont know why the fuck dishonored 2 isnt cracked
  • GamesBOND : Cracked by CPY on 28 Feb 2017
  • arisnuqman : they did it!!!!
  • kotjebi : This is probably last on CPY's holy work list. Keeping my hopes up still tho!
  • angel026348 : porfavor desde todos los lados del mundo confiamos en ustedes no quiero apurarlos ni decirles que se apuren ni nada solo que son los mejores bye
  • LokeshSharma : DAmn this is still not cracked
  • blackdragon : please give us the crack we still have hopes on u guys
  • cipriz : no news yet...
  • 92yo : any news about when will this be cracked :/
  • cipriz : yes, cpy if you hear us ... HELP US
  • Anonymus : please
  • Anonymus : carck this game please
  • cptunnamed : CPY ples
  • Le_Dmon : PLS CPY CRACK GAME :(
  • SkywalkerZZZ : it's been more than a year now. CPY?? Are you listening to us?
  • cptunnamed : Get cracked already
  • hartless : i still have hopes...
  • Rakshith : How long do we have to wait for the crack to come out? I can't wait anymore.
  • marcelian : 1 day left till cracked yay
  • neutri : I'm loosing hope this hope will ever be cracked :(
  • Just.Cause.3-CPY
    Feb 28, 2017 CPY 47816 MB


Just Cause 3 Denuvo

CRACKED after 455 days!
  • troy_020 : Please can someone crack this? Or is it (almost) bypassed because of battlefront 2?
  • LokeshSharma : Yeah can be played offline but It doesn't have any campaign
  • Imalolman8 : It's not really only online beacuse there's missions that you can play.
  • crackwatch : This game is Online Only so it's unlikely to get cracked.
  • No NFO yet

Star Wars Battlefront Denuvo

Not Yet Cracked
  • crackwatch : Cracked on Aug 08, 2016 by CONSPIR4CY (CPY)
  • Sarkames : Torrented this since the 2013 version was one of my go-to benchmarks since it had a nice suite of graphical options. This serves the same purpose. Might play the story eventually. Works fine, though.
  • Rise.Of.The.Tomb.Raider.READNFO-CONSPIR4CY
    Aug 08, 2016 CONSPIR4CY 27510 MB


Rise of the Tomb Raider Denuvo

CRACKED after 193 days!
  • YouLose 66 : this game can't be cracked, its an always Online game.
  • silot leprido : i want this game so badly
  • amir8638 : please crack
  • Aveyond54 : Scratch that
  • Aveyond54 : Its been cracked
  • MIHANYA : plz, plz, plz
  • LokeshSharma : EA should have made an update to get it offline cuz It's very old now.
  • LokeshSharma : This game is not even bypassed yet
  • KING19903 : Please crack it
  • blackdragon : whats website of the crack
  • ErikGusG : Im not really into programing but what if you guys create a program thats like a fake server, so the game would think that is online ?
  • crackwatch : It isn't cracked. It is bypassed, and only works on some specific versions of windows 10. That is not an official CPY crack.
  • frozen225a : this games is already cracked by cpy you can find in *******.com
  • rubanrider : pls crack this game as soon as posible
  • crackwatch : This game is Online Only so it's unlikely to get cracked.
  • cybergshark : crack this game pls
  • No NFO yet

Need For Speed Denuvo

Not Yet Cracked
  • Vinitu : Orbit and Tundra not will be released?
  • gorilla : so is it still crackable then?
  • Delsana : Can we get the Denuvo with DLC version cracked?
  • crackwatch : Cracked on Nov 03, 2015 by CODEX
  • SuicidalKid : Yeah, Denuvo was introduced in an update. I wonder if anyone would bother cracking this tho
  • Unknown : This game has been cracked by CODEX but only until patch 1.4 if I remember correctly. After that DENUVO came in :)
  • Anno.2205.Update.v1.3.incl.DLC-CODEX
    Jan 21, 2016 CODEX 639 MB

  • Anno.2205.Update.2-CODEX
    Dec 15, 2015 CODEX 295 MB

  • Anno.2205.Update.1-CODEX
    Nov 18, 2015 CODEX 208 MB

  • Anno.2205.GERMAN-ENiGMA
    Nov 03, 2015 ENiGMA 11583 MB

  • Anno.2205-CODEX
    Nov 03, 2015 CODEX 11125 MB


ANNO 2205 Steam

CRACKED after 1 day!
  • LokeshSharma : seems like nobody cares about this one
  • crackwatch : Cracked on Nov 08, 2016 by CPY
  • God.Eater.Resurrection-CPY
    Nov 08, 2016 CPY 12662 MB


God Eater Resurrection Denuvo

CRACKED after 71 days!
  • Shi Xuan : Holy shit it is more than 500 days since it released CPY still couldn't crack. I don't understand how they crack resident evil 7 in 5 days
  • LokeshSharma : This game is bypassed already but not cracked
  • joe : is this cracked or bypassed???
  • No NFO yet

FIFA 16 Denuvo

Not Yet Cracked
  • zlineline : Mad.Max.Linux-ACTiVATED 2016-10-21
  • Jack Zak : Thanks CPY
  • GamesBOND : Cracked by CPY on 28 Feb 2017
  • LokeshSharma : This game was cracked less than a month
  • Stealth3si : ah nvm it was for linux
  • Stealth3si : Cracked on Oct 20, 2016 by ACTiVATED? Where did you get this info? I do not see a torrent of this in any public tracker.
  • crackwatch : Cracked on Oct 20, 2016 by ACTiVATED
  • miguelboleixa : Can you delete my comment? I'm dumb :D
  • miguelboleixa : RELOADED never crack this game ...
  • BlackWatch420 : This game needs a new crack asap
  • Mad.Max-CPY
    Feb 28, 2017 CPY 32741 MB

  • Mad.Max.MacOSX-ACTiVATED
    Oct 22, 2016 ACTiVATED 32680 MB

  • Mad.Max.Linux-ACTiVATED
    Oct 20, 2016 ACTiVATED 32738 MB


Mad Max Denuvo

CRACKED after 415 days!
  • LokeshSharma : was cracked in less than a month by 3DM
  • neutri : MGS 4 was still the best in my eyes
  • crackwatch : Cracked on Dec 01, 2016 by CPY
  • DUDU : Change this to CRACKED BY CPY, because only CPY properly crack it. thanks
  • Metal.Gear.Solid.V.The.Phantom.Pain-CPY
    Dec 01, 2016 CPY 28086 MB


Metal Gear Solid V Denuvo

CRACKED after 457 days!
  • YouLose 66 : this game is bypass'd. its working, but its very unstable. There is no official scene-release.
  • LokeshSharma : Not worth cracking
  • p8804xh : first
  • No NFO yet

Gears of War Ultimate Edition UWP

Not Yet Cracked
  • crackwatch : Cracked on Jul 28, 2015 by CPY
  • alsartawi : New crack available from CPY for this game, now you can play the game stable including all DLC's and updates.
  • Batman.Arkham.Knight.READ.NFO-CPY
    Dec 11, 2016 CPY 64794 MB

  • Batman.Arkham.Knight-CPY
    Jul 28, 2015 CPY 47619 MB


Batman Arkham Knight Denuvo

CRACKED after 35 days!
  • Spiderous : Protected by Arxan
  • neutri : This game was just awesome, can't wait for GTA VI
  • crackwatch : Cracked on May 08, 2015 by RELOADED
  • Grand.Theft.Auto.V.Update.v1.36.Content.for.Returning.Players.Unlocker-BAT
    Nov 06, 2016 BAT 52 MB

  • Grand.Theft.Auto.V.Update.v1.36.Incl.Money.Trainer-RELOADED
    Oct 16, 2016 RELOADED 7713 MB

  • Grand.Theft.Auto.V.Update.v1.33-RELOADED
    Apr 26, 2016 RELOADED 4465 MB

  • Grand.Theft.Auto.V-RELOADED
    May 08, 2015 RELOADED 60447 MB


Grand Theft Auto V Arxan

CRACKED after 24 days!
  • crackwatch : Cracked on Aug 13, 2015 by CPY
  • Battlefield.Hardline.Crackfix-CPY
    Aug 30, 2015 CPY 67 MB

  • Battlefield.Hardline-CPY
    Aug 13, 2015 CPY 40179 MB


Battlefield Hardline Denuvo, Origin

CRACKED after 149 days!
  • DemonMithos : multiplayer possible?
  • crackwatch : Cracked on Oct 05, 2015 by CPY
  • Dragon.Age.Inquisition.Deluxe.Edition-CPY
    Oct 05, 2015 CPY 43855 MB


Dragon Age Inquisition Denuvo, Origin

CRACKED after 321 days!
  • crackwatch : Cracked on Jul 26, 2015 by CPY
  • Lords.Of.The.Fallen-CPY
    Jul 26, 2015 CPY 15482 MB


Lords of the Fallen Denuvo, Steam

CRACKED after 271 days!
  • crackwatch : Cracked on Sep 18, 2015 by CPY
  • FIFA.15.Ultimate.Team.Edition-CPY
    Sep 18, 2015 CPY 13016 MB


FIFA 15 Denuvo, Origin

CRACKED after 360 days!
  • Eeia95 : Are they even bothering to release new Sims content or are they really annoyed by the amount of downloads this game usually gets them?
  • kupocygirl : Is there a way to add the progress for the vampires expansion?
  • Raizel Corvinus : When is the new patch released?
  • LeonZee : where can i download
  • Sotos1 : When is the Sims 4 Vampires going to be cracked?
  • AnarchyBlues : Must be some top notch DRM , latest update is taking a while...
  • zantheus : waiting for toddler and vampires dlc!
  • ebworld : vampire dlc please!
  • null_pointer : Not cracked?? this was cracked long time ago! Currently using crack by RELOADED
  • overxowi : Waiting for the vampire DLC ! :)
  • The.Sims.4.City.Living.INTERNAL-RELOADED
    Dec 21, 2016 RELOADED 18957 MB

  • The.Sims.4.Dine.Out.INTERNAL-RELOADED
    Oct 11, 2016 RELOADED 15700 MB

  • The.Sims.4.Get.Together.Language.Selector-BAT
    Dec 10, 2015 BAT 1 MB

  • The.Sims.4.Get.Together.Addon-RELOADED
    Dec 10, 2015 RELOADED 6553 MB

  • The.Sims.4.Spa.Day.Addon-RELOADED
    Aug 14, 2015 RELOADED 4127 MB

  • The.Sims.4.Update.v1.7.65.1020.Incl.DLC-RELOADED
    May 24, 2015 RELOADED 833 MB

    Apr 01, 2015 RELOADED 3070 MB

  • The.Sims.4.Update.v1.4.83.1010.Incl.DLC-RELOADED
    Feb 12, 2015 RELOADED 1310 MB

  • The.Sims.4.Update.v1.3.32.1010-RELOADED
    Jan 14, 2015 RELOADED 586 MB

  • The.Sims.4.Update.v1.2.16.10-RELOADED
    Nov 05, 2014 RELOADED 340 MB

  • The.Sims.4.Update.v1.0.797.20-RELOADED
    Oct 22, 2014 RELOADED 150 MB

  • The.Sims.4-RELOADED
    Oct 19, 2014 RELOADED 8618 MB


The Sims 4 Origin

CRACKED after 47 days!